Robust fault-tolerant control


Visible to the public Against Coordinated Cyber and Physical Attacks- Unified Theories and Technologies

Historically, software assurance technologies and robust fault-tolerant control (RFTC) theory were developed under different assumptions and models. The software assurance technologies are often model-based that require the profile of the physical dynamics and the observation of the system state, which may not be available when physical defects exist. On the other hand, though the existing RFTC techniques can efficiently compensate for the physical damage, it is critical to guarantee that the control software and the sensor data are not compromised.


Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Engineering Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical-Human Systems

This cross-disciplinary project brings together a team of engineering and computer science researchers to create and demonstrate the value of new techniques for ensuring that systems comprised of hardware, software, and humans will perform in a synergistic and safe manner.