resilient control


Visible to the public Security of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems with Connected Vehicle Applications

This project aims at accelerating the deployment of security measures for cyber-physical systems (CPSs) by proposing a framework that combines anomaly identification approaches, which emphasizes on the development of decentralized cyber-attack monitoring and diagnostic-like components, with robust control countermeasure to improve reliability and maintain system functionality. One of the main challenges for cyber-physical systems is the security of transmitted data over the communication network.


Visible to the public Resilient Control Systems with respect to Instrumentation Attacks- Theory and Testbed Verification.pdf

In a cyber-physical system, the operation of the physical plant is typically maintained by closed-loop control, which is intended to keep the plant process variables in a desired range. A major part of any control system is its instrumentation, i.e., sensors and actuators. Due to information exchange between the controller and the instrumentation, the control system performance may be compromised by attacks on its sensors and actuators.


Visible to the public Foundations Of Resilient CybEr-physical Systems (FORCES)


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are being increasingly deployed in critical infrastructures such as electric-power, water, transportation, and other networks. These deployments are facilitating real-time monitoring and closed-loop control by exploiting the advances in wireless sensor-actuator networks, the internet of "everything," data-driven analytics, and machine-to-machine interfaces. CPS operations depend on the synergy of computational and physical components.