Human CPS


Visible to the public Reliable Autonomy for Human-Cyber-Physical Systems: NSF CPS Mini-Workshop

Reliable Autonomy for Human-Cyber-Physical Systems

NSF CPS PI Meeting Mini-Workshop, November 14, 2017

While the vast majority of methods and tools in cyber-physical systems (CPS) have been developed for fully autonomous systems, most engineered systems operate with a human on-the-loop, if not in-the-loop.


Visible to the public Transit Hub: A Smart Decision Support System for Public Transit


Transit hub is a city scale smart phone application that provides real-time, contextual transit travel planning services. It uses a centralized decision support system for integrating the different sensor data streams including the automated vehicle locator, the usage data gathered from the application, and other related data streams that are publically available.


Visible to the public Formal Analysis of Human Machine Interactions for Cyber-Physical Systems


Human users are integral to the operation of safety--critical CPS. The goal of this project is to model and analyze the actions of human users along with possible mistakes that may appear in these interactions. We seek to develop approaches that will help us understand the effect of human operator mistakes on the overall system correctness. Our focus is on medical infusion pumps used to deliver drugs to patients.