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Visible to the public Transit Hub: A Smart Decision Support System for Public Transit


Transit hub is a city scale smart phone application that provides real-time, contextual transit travel planning services. It uses a centralized decision support system for integrating the different sensor data streams including the automated vehicle locator, the usage data gathered from the application, and other related data streams that are publically available.


Visible to the public Opportunities and Challenges for Integrated H-CPS Platforms at Scale

Abhishek Dubey is a Research Scientist at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems in Vanderbilt University. He is a Senior Member of IEEE. His research interests are related to tools, and analytical techniques required for enabling and operating resilient cyber-physical platforms. He is currently leading a team of engineers who along with Nashville MTA and the Siemens Corporate Technology partners are building a smart transit application platform for the NIST Global City Team Challenge.