University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Fault Tolerant Brain Implantable Cyber-Physical System

Episodic brain disorders such as epilepsy have a considerable impact on a patient's productivity and quality of life and may be life-threatening when seizures cannot be controlled with medications. We will create a second generation brain-implantable sensing and stimulating device (BISSD) based on CPS principles and practice. The BISSD will be composed of modules placed intracranially to continuously monitor brain state and vulnerability to seizure and intervene with electrical stimulation to block the development of seizure.


Visible to the public S&CC: Support Community-Scale Study by Visual Analytics of Human Mobility and Opinion Data from Social Media Data

NeighborVis is a visual analytics system that allows users to study human mobility and opinion data in a community neighborhood. It is developed to answer the simple questions about an urban community: what is happening at this location, is it good or bad, and can outcomes be improved? It may be a police department considering a blighted street, a planning department considering urban renewal and the "greening" of spaces, a community group wanting to add neighborhood gardens, or a hospital mining its child injury data.