Post a Video

Videos can be shared from TED, Vimeo, or YouTube.

style="vertical-align: top;"Go to the video server of your choice and copy the video's "URL" (share this video link) or the "Embed" code. The example below is YouTube. (The following services are supported: TED, Vimeo, YouTube)
You can navigate to the "Post Video" form in 2 different ways.

1. Select "Post Video" in the "Collaborate" tab in the global menu at the top of the CPS-VO home page.
2. Click on the “Post Video” link in the “Collaborate” toggle menu which is located in the left sidebar of your group page.
You will be taken to a form to create your video.

Fill out the “Title” and “Description” and paste the URL or embed code into the “Video” text field. Select "Vocabularies" in the area to the right of the rich text editor to make your video show up in the search engine.

Enter "Contributor" and "Sponsor" names in the text fields beneath the rich text editor. You can add more names by clicking the “Add another item” button.

Use the next area down to set:
Notifications: whether group members get an email notification of changes to your video page
Groups: Check the boxes next to the groups you want to share the video with in the “Audience” section.
URL Path settings: If you would like a shorter URL to your video page,
 you can type the path in the "URL Path Settings" field. (e.g. instead of node/125 it might read /your_video_name)
Revision information: If you log back in and make changes to the event you can log the changes in the “Revision Information” field.

After you click the “Save” button, you will be taken directly to your video.

If your group administrator has set up a "Video(s)" page, your video will be posted on the “Video(s)” page of each selected group. 

A link to your video will also appear in each selected group's “Activity Stream”.
You can also add a "Sunset" date and time to automatically archive the video. When it is archived, it will no longer show in the featured portion of the video page

Setting a video as a Featured Video

Only group administrators can set videos to be "Featured"
If you are a group administrator, you will have more settings available for you to use.
You will need to edit some of these settings to make a video show in the "Featured" section.

Make sure the video is set to"public" in the group settings.
Publishing options should be checked as "published" and "publicized to group home page". 
Be certain the video is not archived by the sunset date (described above).