Explore 'My Account'

Get to your account page by clicking the “My Account” tab at the top of the CPS-VO website. There is a drop-down list of features associated with your account.

Clicking the “My Account” link will take you directly to your profile page which shows your profile information and recent activity from users you have added as contacts. From the left side menu, you can view your profile, your contributions, your "My Tools" menu and "My Groups".

The “Contributions” page can be accessed from the left sidebar or by clicking on the icon next to your photo at the top of the CPS-VO home page.
This page displays a table with your most recent contributions.

The “My Tools” toggle menu in the left sidebar contains several links that allow you to navigate the features of your account.
  1. Edit your profile
  2. View groups activity (also available by clicking the “Group Activity” icon near your photo at the top of the CPS-VO home page).
  3. View Contacts Activity Stream
  4. See your Contacts
  5. View your Notifications
  6. View your Subscriptions
  7. Meeting Invites
  9. History
  10. Chats
  11. Files
The "My Groups" Toggle menu allows you to visit different groups you/ve joined.