Taxonomic Search

The CPS Portal includes two search facilities: Keyword search and Guided Search. The keyword search finds strings in item descriptions and the item body. The guided search looks for Portal items based on the label it has been marked with. Some items may have been marked with more than one label allowing the guided search to be refined. The organization of labels and terms is called taxonomy.

Figure 1: Search for Content
To search for content select the "Search for Content" link under the "Search" tab in the global menu on the CPS-VO home page.
Figure 2: Search for Content
Keyword search

For Keyword search, type the keyword(s) in the window and select the search mode in the roll-down menu.

Figure 3: Search for Content
Guided search

Guided search uses defined taxonomies to find content.

Select the most appropriate term from a taxonomy. (It is ‘Foundation’ in the example below. The number after the term shows the number of documents labeled with the term.)
Figure 4: Search for Content

If the resulting document list is too long, you can narrow the search by selecting more refined terms under the same vocabulary or by selecting terms from other vocabularies. The search can be successively refined until right focus is achieved.

NOTE: If a search is initiated from a Group by selecting one of the groups from the "My Groups" list (found in the "My Groups" dropdown menu at the top of the CPS-VO website) the presented vocabularies will be the Group vocabularies or the Site-wide vocabularies that were used for tagging Group content.