Administer Members

Handling memberships in a group involves overseeing who is a member of the group, and who are the administrators, managers and moderators. There must be at least one administrator for every group. Members of a group may leave the group at any time. As the administrator you may only leave the group if at least one other administrator is designated.


View Member Information Table

Click on the "Membership Information Table" link in the "Member Info" toggle menu beneath your group menu in the left sidebar.

This will take you to a "member list" where administrators and managers can moderate group membership requests and edit user group privileges.

  1. Displays the CPS-VO username and credentials (badges). Hovering over a badge displays user privileges. Read more about user roles at
  2. Real Name of user as shared in account details. Blank if no name was written.
  3. Google search on user's email address.
  4. Organization with which user is associated.
  5. Date user joined CPS-VO. Results can be sorted by join date by clicking blue "Joined VO" link.
  6. Blue Log icon indicates notes have been written about user (e.g. "Did a Google search on this user. They are a professor at USF. OK to approve?"). Gray indicates no notes have been written. Click to read and write oog notes.
  7. Indicates Admin role in group. Group Managers can remove admin privileges by clicking the red minus icon or add admin role by clicking blue plus icon.
  8. Approve or deny membership requests from the "member list". Users requesting membership will have a green checkmark icon. Managers can grant membership by clicking the icon. Group Managers and Group Moderators will receive an email notifying them of new membership requests. See more about group membership request settings. The red "X" icon allows managers to deny or remove membership.

Clicking the orange "CSV" button at the bottom left of the table will export the list in spreadsheet format. 

View Group Members

To view a page with the photos and names of the members of your group, click the "Faces" tab.

Add Members

Managers can add members to a group and configure their function in the group. 

Click on the “Add Members” tab. Type one or more usernames into the “List of Users” text area. Separate multiple usernames by commas or new lines. Click the “Add users” button to complete the process.
If you need to find a user, enter their name in the upper right hand search field (see Seeking Out Colleagues). Click the individual's name to go to their profile page where you will find their username listed beneath their real name.

Configure Roles

 Configure member roles from the "Configure roles" tab. Members can be given "manager" or "moderator" roles from this page by checkbox selection. Click the "Save" button to submit changes.

Invite Members

Group members can invite users to join the group by using the "Invite members" tab. This will send an email message asking the invitee to click a link to join your group. Type one or more comma delimited email addresses and/or VO usernames into the "Invitees" text input area, provide an optional message in the textbox entitled "Additional message". Finally, click the "Invite" button to send the message(s).  Note, a maximum of 20 invites can be sent out at a time.