Manage Group Forums

Only group managers have permissions to administer group forums. Managing group forums involves adding new forums, editing or deleting existing forums, controlling the listing order of forums, and adjusting forum privacy settings.

  1. Navigate to the group forum by selecting the "forum"  tab in the left sidebar menu of the group you manage.
  2. Select the "Manage group forums" link (The stacked folders with wrench icon).
  1. You will be taken to a table that lists all of the forums associated with your group. From the forum management table select the links to:
    1. add new forums
    2. edit existing forums
    3. adjust privacy settings - private forums can only be seen and commented on by group members.
    4. reset publicity - will set forum to default (private).
  1. In the edit window you can:
    1. edit forum name or description
    2. use the "weight" dropdown menu to set where the forum falls in the list of forums. Note: When listing forums, those with lighter (smaller) weights get listed before containers with heavier (larger) weights. Forums with equal weights are sorted alphabetically.
    3. set your changes with the "submit" button or delete the forum with the "delete" button