Send Out Messages

Only group managers can broadcast a message to members of a group. A broadcast emails all group members with a copy of the message. Remember your message will be read by all of your group members. The "From" field of the message upon delivery will say it is from "cps-vo on behalf of" and your name from your profile.

To broadcast a message, follow these steps:

Figure 1: Broadcast Message
Step 1: Go to the page of the group you manage by selecting it from the “My Groups” dropdown menu from the home page of the portal.
Figure 2: Broadcast Message
Step 2: Select the gray “Broadcast” tab under the top banner of your group.
Figure 3: Broadcast Message
Step 3: Enter a subject and body message. You may also want to provide your name in the "Reply-To Name" field and your email address in the "Reply-To Address" field. This will allow people to know who sent the email and how to reply.  When you have filled out all the information click the “Send Message” button at the bottom of the form. 

A green confirmation message will appear above the text editor form to let you know your message has been sent.