Set Up Group Vocabularies/Terms & File Folders

Content should be labeled to make it searchable. See for an explanation of Tags, Terms and Labels.

As a group administrator you can edit and create taxonomies for your group with the following steps.

  Video example

Figure 1: Group Taxonomy
Step 1: Go to your group and select the “Taxonomy” tab.

Step 2: To add a vocabulary click on the "Add vocabulary" link. This will take you to a form where you can create a new vocabulary for your group. 
Figure 3: Group Taxonomy

Step 3: To keep vocabularies consistent and well defined, type each one as an abbreviation of your group name (in this case "eg"), followed by a colon, a space, then the name of your new vocabulary (See example below).
Adding a description can help existing or future functionality of the Portal to clarify the intended nature of your new vocabulary.
Figure 4: Group Taxonomy
If you select the "file" content type, the vocabulary will show in your group’s file browser. You may select other item types that you wish your group members to be able to label terms with from this vocabulary.
Figure 5: Group Taxonomy
A vocabulary can be free forming or controlled. Free forming vocabularies come as open keywords labeling an item and are also called tags. Mark the “Tags” checkbox to make your vocabulary free forming. Select the “Multiple select”option if you intend to provide a list of terms for labeling content. Selecting "Required" vocabularies force a label on uploads.
Figure 2: Group Taxonomy
Once you have created your group vocabularies, they will appear in your group taxonomy table (as shown left).

Step 4. Add Terms to your group vocabularies by selecting the "add terms" link at the far right of the vocabulary name in the taxonomy table.

Add the name of the new term (folder name in files) and a short description then select the "save" button to add the term.

The new term will now show in the list of terms for that individual vocabulary.

Use the crosshairs to re-order the terms.
NOTE: Terms with the "file" content type selected will also show up as folders in your group’s file browser. File folders are really just group vocabularies that are relevant to the File content type.

* NOTE: Details for further customizing your group are given in Configuring Groups.