Using the Modboard

see Creating the Modboard Page for additional instructions on how to create the modboard panel page.

As content is developed in your group, a table will display on the page like the example to the left.

A set of dropdown menus give you bulk-editing capabilities. The capabilities are listed in the table below.
Node: Type Node: Title Node: Body Public Published Promoted to front page Sticky Items per page

Type a search word or
phrase in text box.
Type a search word or
phrase in text box.


Applies the search 


Resets the parameters to 0

Bulk Operations

  1. Click the "Apply" button to set your search parameters.
  2. Select the nodes you would like to edit by the checkboxes next to the title of the node.
  3. Choose a Bulk Operation from the Bulk Operations dropdown menu.
  4. Type a log message
  5. Check the "disable notifications" box if you want to keep your changes from being broadcast.
  6. Select the "Execute" button
  7. Follow the prompts for the operation you chose
  8. You will be taken back to the modboard page with a confirmation message at the top describing the action (see example below).