Form and Manage Groups

The CPS-VO Portal provides extensive support for Special Interest Groups.

Exemplars of types of groups are:

  1. R&D SIGs
    • Federal Agency
    • PI Projects
  2. Websites for workshops and conferences
  3. Planning meeting groups for workshops and conferences
  4. Program committee groups for workshops and conferences
  5. Working groups

Groups may be formed to meet different needs.  Typical use cases include: 

  1. Planning R&D Workshops, Meetings, and Conferences
  2. Birds of a Feather (e.g. technical or policy issues)
  3. Archival of Proceedings
  4. Managing Research Projects
  5. Publicizing Research Results
  6. Competitions / Challenge Problems
  7. Open, Educational Resources 

The services provided to Groups include:

  • Customized Branding with a Configurable Dashboard/Homepage
  • Configurable Security Policy
  • Calendaring Services
    • iCal Support
    • Online, Desktop Sharing Meetings
    • Meeting Invites
  • A Virtual Filesystem (incl. revision control) 
  • Electronic Discussion Forums
  • Wikis
  • Group-specific Vocabularies (or 'taxonomies; for labelling documents; incl. associated, domain-specific Search engines) 
  • Email Broadcasting to Group Membership
  • Customized Forms (e.g. a tailored attendee registration page for upcoming conference)
  • Inviting Other Potential Members
  • Creating Subgroups (i.e. hierarchical families of Groups) 

 For information on user roles see