User Roles

Global Roles

"Anonymous Users" are users who are not logged in (or have not yet joined the CPS-VO). They can browse the site, but are not able to contribute content to the portal.

"Authenticated Users" are entry level users with the most basic level of membership. Authenticated users can join groups but must request 'Trusted User' status before contributing content to the global repository, calendar, and forums.

"Trusted Users" are Established Community Members (indicated by the badge shown to the left) - a member who has been vetted and approved by site managers and site administrators. This trusted member will then be able to post information to the CPS-VO home page. CPS-VO members can apply for elevated "trusted user" status via the "Contact Support" link under the "Home" tab in the global menu at the top of every CPS-VO page.

"Site Moderator" (indicated by the badge shown to the left) is a member who has permissions to modify and delete content and administer comments on the CPS-VO. 

"Site Administrator" has global access to all VO content. This means that a Site Administrator has the privileges of a group manager and moderator in all groups. They can add/ remove members, broadcast messages, and create/remove group admins. Additionally, they can configure group services, add/ban group members, and also have full control over group content.

Group Roles

"Group Members" can contribute to the group repository by uploading files, posting videos, and creating events & news items. They can also contribute to the forums, conduct online meetings, and create projects and wiki pages. (join groups at

"Group Moderators" do not have general administrative capabilities, but do have full control over your group's content. Therefore, while a mod will not be expected to manage the groups members/services, they will perform an editorial function. Moderators are responsible for grooming the content of your group and ensuring that publicly viewable content is appropriate, correct, and complete to your group's own standards.

"Group Managers" have privileges and responsibility for activities such as:

  • Group Menu Structure - creating and deleting panel pages, configuring panel page publishing settings, posting content to panel pages.
  • Group Membership - adding and banning group members, moderating membership requests, configuring member roles
  • Group Taxonomy Structure - creating and managing group vocabularies.
  • Group Forum Structure - creating forums, administrering froum privacy settings
  • Broadcast Messages - emailing all group members with a copy of your message. 

"Primary Manager" of the group. Has all privileges of Group Moderators and Managers.