Visible to the public IEEE ECBS 2013 -- Phoenix, AZ -- 22-24 April 2013

ECBS 2013 Tutorials and Workshops

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SkySong Convergence Room 150
Wednesday 24 April Target Audience


"Seamless Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems with AF3 Phoenix" Antoaneta Kondeva and Sebastian Voss Requirement engineers, software engineers, architects, modellers
10:30-11:30 "How You Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Reconfigurable Embedded Systems: A Tutorial" Nathan Sandoval, Casey Mackin, Roman Lysecky, and Jonathan Sprinkle Signal processing, embedded hardware, FPGAs
11:30-12:30 "Mobile Device Software: Model-Based Architectures and Examples" Jonathan Sprinkle Software engineers, UML users
12:30-1:30 Demonstration: "Hexapod Behavior Generator: Model-Based Software Generation" Matt Bunting
1:30-2:30 "Software Security" Johannes Sametinger Software engineers, programmers, software project managers, software administrators
2:30 Closing Remarks


ECBS 2013 will be the 20th Annual IEEE International Conference and Workshops on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS). The meeting is dedicated to formulating and advancing methods, techniques and tools for the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems.

Research Results and Practical Applications

The first two days of the conference present research results in the areas found in ECBS. On Wednesday, a series of tutorials that provide practical application to current problems in industry are presented. The Wednesday sessions are open to practitioners for a rate as low as $150 for AZTech Council and IEEE members. Tutorials include topics of Android/iOS programming, runtime-reconfigurable embedded hardware systems, and also a live demonstration of a Hexapod robot which has received numerous accolades. Register before April 8 to take advantage of this low rate!












University of Arizona Electrical
and Computer Engineering

Travel Information

Phoenix is just a few short hours from the Grand Canyon National Monument, Sedona, and other iconic Southwest locations. Travelers will fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) airport.

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