Visible to the public ECBS 2013 Tutorials and Workshops

Registration is open until the sessions conclude.

SkySong Convergence Room 150
Wednesday 24 April Target Audience


"Seamless Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems with AF3 Phoenix" Antoaneta Kondeva and Sebastian Voss Requirement engineers, software engineers, architects, modellers
10:30-11:30 "How You Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Reconfigurable Embedded Systems: A Tutorial" Nathan Sandoval, Casey Mackin, Roman Lysecky, and Jonathan Sprinkle Signal processing, embedded hardware, FPGAs
11:30-12:30 "Mobile Device Software: Model-Based Architectures and Examples" Jonathan Sprinkle Software engineers, UML users
12:30-1:30 Demonstration: "Hexapod Behavior Generator: Model-Based Software Generation" Matt Bunting
1:30-2:30 "Software Security" Johannes Sametinger Software engineers, programmers, software project managers, software administrators
2:30 Closing Remarks