Visible to the public NSF SaTC CyberSpace 2025 Workshop (Cyber2025)

The NSF Cyber2025 Workshop was held on Tuesday-Wednesday, 22-23 April 2014 at the Waterview Conference Center, located at 1919 North Lynn Street in Arlington, Virginia, 22209. This was an invitation-only workshop, co-chaired by Karl Levitt of UC-Davis and Pat Lincoln of SRI International.

The workshop fostered discussions toward a roadmap for foundational research in cybersecurity and cyberspace over the next 10 - 15 years with a broad perspective, taking into consideration relevant science, technology, and policy issues, and with an emphasis on the social sciences and education.

The workshop was motivated by the far-reaching possibilities of cyber-enabled systems in society that advances in science and technology may enable. Discussions centered on what is possible and the foundational research challenges over the next decade towards addressing those challenges while mitigating undesirable consequences. Examples of questions to motivate and set the stage for the workshop included:

  • What cyber-future scenarios make you hopeful or not hopeful?
  • What convergences of technologies and events make some scenarios more likely?
  • What new multi-spectrum threats might challenge a highly cyber-enabled society?
  • What social, behavioral, economic, and policy challenges do the scenarios pose?
  • What strategies and incentives may accelerate research and transition?

The overriding question for this workshop was - what innovative, foundational, and long-range research is needed to address the significant cyber threats to an ever cyber-dependent society.