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Lead PI First Name Lead PI Last Name NSF Project Award Number(s) Project Title
William Adams 1422078 Integrated Smart Grid Analytics for Anomaly Detection
Mustaque Ahamad 1514035 Exposing and Mitigating Cross-Channel Attacks
Mustaque Ahamad 1318167 Securing the New Converged Telephony Landscape
Irfan Ahmed 1500101 EAGER: Peer Instruction for Cybersecurity Education
Kemal Akkaya 1550313 Privacy-Preserving Data Collection and Access in 802.11s-based Smart Grid Applications
Ehab Al-Shaer 1352238 Adversary-aware Host Address Mutation
Laura Albert McLay 1422768 An optimization framework for prioritizing mitigations for securing information technology infrastructure
Theodore Allen 1409214 Data-Driven Cyber Vulnerability Maintenance
Ardalan Amiri Sani 1617513 Enhancing the Security and Performance of GPU Access in Web Browsers


Anderson 1422831 The Force of Habit: Using fMRI to Explain Users' Habituation to Security Warnings
Mohd Anwar 1318501 Improving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace through Evidence-based Malware Reports and E-Learning Materials
Raul Aranovich 1445079 Risk detection in OSS teams with NLP
Reza Azarderakhsh 1661557 Post-quantum Cryptography
Michael Bachmann 1500077 Education Initiative TECH MeD: Transdisciplinary Education for Critical Hacks of Medical Devices
Saurabh Bagchi 1548114 Modeling Deception In Information Security As A Hypergame - A Primer
Boaz Barak 1618026 Complexity Assumptions for Cryptographic Schemes


Berger 1525888, 1525992 EVADE: EVidence-Assisted Detection and Elimination of Vulnerabilities
Daniel Bernstein 1314885, 1314592, 1314919, 1314540 Authenticated Ciphers
Bobby Bhattacharjee 1314857 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: DIORE: Digital Insertion and Observation Resistant Execution
Swarup Bhunia 1441667, 1603483 IPTrust: A Comprehensive Framework for IP Integrity Validation
Matt Bishop 1303048, 1303211 Development and Testing of a Secure Programming Clinic
Marina Blanton 1319090 Techniques and Tools for General-Purpose Secure Computing and Outsourcing
Matthieu Bloch 1527387 Towards Stealth Networks
Alexandra Boldyreva 1421815 A Unifying Framework For Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Secure Communication Protocols
Travis Breaux 1330596 Privacy Policy Ambiguity and Privacy Risk
Michael Byrne 1550936 Protecting Election Integrity Via Automated Ballot Usability Evaluation
Kelly Caine 1513875 Studying Journalists to Identify Requirements for Usable, Secure, and Trustworthy Communication
Ran Canetti 1414119, 1413920, 1413964, 1413996 Modular Approach to Cloud Security
Justin Cappos 1223588 Lock-in-Pop Design: Only Access Popular Paths in the Kernel
Cornelia Caragea 1421970 Image Privacy Prediction Using Deep Features
Bogdan Carbunar 1527153, 1526254 TWC: Small: Collaborative: Cracking Down Online Deception Ecosystems
Bogdan Carbunar 1450619 EAGER: Digital Interventions for Reducing Social Networking Risks in Adolescents
Alvaro Cardenas 1553683 Limiting the Impact of Stealthy Attacks in Industrial Control Systems
David Cash 1453132 Cryptography for Secure Outsourcing
Shantanu Chakrabartty 1525476 Zero-Power Dynamic Signature for Trust Verification of Passive Sensors and Tags
John Chandy 1318964 EDU: A Virtual Lab for a Hardware Security Curriculum
Polo Chau 1526254 TWC: Small: Collaborative: Cracking Down Online Deception Ecosystems
Rui Chen 1554373, 1554480, 1651060 Response to OPM Data Breach
Hsinchun Chen 1314631 Identifying SCADA Devices and their Vulnerabilities on the IoT
Maggie Cheng 1537538 Factoring User Behavior into Network Security Analysis
Tim Cheng 1526695 Detection of Hardware Trojans Hidden in Unspecified Design Functionality
Jerry Cheng 1449958 Towards Understanding Smartphone User Privacy: Implication, Derivation, and Protection
David Choffnes 1618955 Enabling Practical Traffic Analysis Resistance
Stephen Chong 1524052 Extensible Access Control
with Authorization Contracts
Stephen Chong 1421770 Whip: Higher-Order Contracts for Modern Services
Stephen Chong 1054172 Automatic Enforcement of
Expressive Security Policies using Enclaves
David Cok 1314674 Library annotations and tools for checking software
Jedidiah Crandall 1420716 V-DIFT: Vector-Based Dynamic Information Flow Tracking
Harry Crane 1523785 Edge exchangeability: a new framework for network modeling
Dana Dachman-Soled 1453045 CAREER: Non-Black-Box Cryptography: Defending Against and Benefiting from Access to Code
Anton Dahbura 1544493 Modeling Security/Incentive Behaviors
Alberto Dainotti 1423659 HIJACKS: Detecting and Characterizing Internet Traffic Interception based on BGP Hijacking
Alberto Dainotti 1228994 Internet Outage Detection and Analysis
Anupam Datta 1423168 Accountability via Deviance and Causal Determination
Srini Devadas 1523572 Trapdoor Computational Fuzzy Extractors
Srini Devadas 1411208 TWC: Small: Ascend: Architecture for Secure Computation on Encrypted Data
Jintai Ding 1565748 Implementing Practical Provably Secure Authenticated Key Exchange for the Post-Quantum World
Roger Dingledine 1619454, 1619067 TTP: Defending Against Website Fingerprinting in Tor
Yevgeniy Dodis 1619158 Designing Secure Hash Functions and Block Ciphers
Adam Doupe 1623269 Educating the Security Workforce through On-Demand Live Competitions
Tudor Dumitras 1464163 Measuring Patching at Scale
April Edwards (Kontostathis) 1421896 SBE: Small: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Cyberaggression and Self-Disclosure among Diverse Youths
Sara Eftekharnejad 1600058 Securing Smart Power Grids under Data Measurement Cyber Threats
Thomas Eisenbarth 1618837 MIST: Systematic Analysis of Microarchitectural Information Leakage on Mobile Platforms
Kirsten Eisentraeger 1617802 Algorithms for number-theoretic problems in cryptography
Amr El Abbadi 1649469 EAGER: Towards a Better Understanding of Group Privacy in Social Media Community Detection
William Enck 1253346 CAREER: Secure OS Views for Modern Computing Platforms
Patrick Eugster 1421910 TWC: Small: Practical Assured Big Data Analysis in the Cloud
Patrick Eugster 1117065 TC: Small: Least Privilege Enforcement through Secure Memory Views
Daniel Fabbri 1526014 TWC: Small: Analysis and Tools for Auditing Insider Accesses
Michalis Faloutsos 1314632, 1314603, 1314935 CoreScope
Fariborz Farahmand 1544090 A Mathematical Model of Privacy Decisions: A Behavioral Economic Perspective
Nick Feamster 1540066 Facilitating Free and Open Access to Information on the Internet
Yunsi Fei 1563697 TWC: Medium: Automating Countermeasures and Security Evaluation against Software Side-channel Attacks
Yunsi Fei 1314655 Medium: A Unified Statistics-based Framework for Analysis and Evaluation of Side-channel Attacks in Cryptosystems


Feng 1623400 EDU: A Capture-the-Flag Service for Computer Security Courses
Michael Franz 1513837 ENCORE: ENhanced program protection through COmpiler-REwriter cooperation
Rosanne Gamble 1619690, 1619641 Toward a Test Bed for Heavy Vehicle
Cyber Security Experimentation
Vinod Ganapathy 1441724 SaTC: Hardware-Assisted Methods for Operating System Integrity
Vinod Ganapathy 1420815 TWC: Small: Self-Service Cloud Computing
Sanjam Garg 1464397 CRII: SaTC: Expanding the Frontiers of Cryptographic Technologies
Paolo Gasti 1619023 Energy-Efficient Privacy-Preserving Active Authentication of Smartphone Users
Ryan Gerdes 1410000 Secure and Resilient Vehicular Platooning
Gabriel Ghinita 1523101 Capacity Building in Security, Privacy and Trust for Geospatial Applications
Grandon Gill 1418711 Cybersecurity Discussion Cases
Michael Goodrich 1228639, 1228598, 1228485 Privacy-Preserving Distributed Storage and Computation
Samuel Gordon 1564088 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: New Protocols and Systems for RAM-Based Secure Computation
Venu Govindaraju 1314803 Long-term Active User Authentication Using Multi-modal Profiles
Noel Greis 1319045 TWC SBE: Option: Small: Building Public Cyber Health - Designing and Testing the Efficacy of a School-Focused, Gamification Approach to Create a Secure Computing Environment
Yong Guan 1527579 Time-Advantage-Based Key Establishment
for Low-Cost Wireless Systems
Mina Guirguis 1149397 Securing Mobile CPS against Stealthy Attacks


Gupta 1565487 CRII: CPS & SaTC: Securing Smart Cyberphysical Systems against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Andreas Haeberlen 1065130 Secure Network Provenance
John Hale 1524940 Scalable Hybrid Attack Graph Modeling and Analysis
Michael Hay 1409125, 1409143, 1408982 Pythia: Algorithm Selection for Differential Privacy
Haibo He 1117314 Secure the Electrical Power Grid: Smart Grid versus Smart Attacks
Xiali Hei 1566166 CPS security for insulin pumps
Jeffrey Hoffstein 1561709 Development and Evaluation of Next Generation Homomorphic Encryption Schemes
Daniel Holcomb 1619558 STARSS: Small: SecureDust -- The Physical Limits of Information Security
Yuan Hong 1618221 Privacy Preserving Cooperation among Microgrids for Efficient Load Management
Jason Hong 1347186 Social Cybersecurity
Jason Hong 1228813 Grading the Privacy of Smartphone Apps
Nicholas Hopper 1314637 TWC: Option: Medium: Measurement-Based Design and Analysis of Censorship Circumvention Schemes
Mark Horowitz 1563113 PRISM: Platform for Rapid Investigation of efficient Scientific-computing & Machine-learning
Amir Houmansadr 1553301 CacheBrowser: Bypassing Chinese Censorship without Proxies Using Cached Content
Amir Houmansadr 1525642 TWC: Small: Linking the Unlinkable: Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Network Flow Fingerprints for Fine-grained Traffic Analysis
Hongxin Hu 1537924 Defending Against Visual Cyberbullying Attacks in Emerging Mobile Social Networks
Fei Hu 1315328 Cyber-physical System and Big Data Security: Training National Warriors
Dijiang Huang 1528099, 1523994, 1526299 SRN: Secure and Resilient Networking


Hudson 1650445 EAGER: Cybersecurity Transition To Practice (TTP) Acceleration
Warren Hunt 1525472 Formal Analysis of x86 Machine-Code Programs
Trent Jaeger 1408880 Retrofitting Software for Defense-in-Depth
Matthew Jensen 1421580 Building the Human Firewall
Niraj Jha 1617628 TWC: Small: Physiological Information Leakage: A New Front on Health Information Security
Limin Jia 1320470 Provably Enforcing Practical Multi-Layer Policies in Today's Extensible Software Platforms
Zhanpeng Jin 1564046, 1564104 Exploring Vulnerabilities of Brain Biometrics
Zhanpeng Jin 1422417, 1423061 Brainprint: A Psychophysiological Biometric
Yier Jin 1319105, 1318860 Toward Trusted 3rd-Party Microprocessor Cores: A Proof Carrying Code Approach
Mark Jones 1422979 Using a Capability-Enhanced Microkernel as a Testbed for Language-based Security
David Kaeli 1618379 STARSS: Small: Side-Channel Analysis and Resiliency Targeting Accelerators
Gai Kaiser 1563555 TWC: Medium: Toward Trustworthy Mutable Replay for Security Patches
Faisal Kaleem 1500055 CFEAR: Cyber Forensics Education via Augmented Reality
Burak Kantarci 1464273 Context-Aware Incentives for Trustworthy Crowdsensing via Mobile Social Networks
Apu Kapadia 1408730, 1407788 A Socio-Technical Approach to Privacy in a Camera-Rich World
Jonathan Katz 1111599 TC: Large: Collaborative Research: Practical Secure Two-Party Computation: Techniques, Tools, and Applications
Eric Keller 1406192, 1406225, 1406177 Switch-level Network Security With The OpenFlow Extension Framework (OFX)
Oliver Kennedy 1409551, 1409303 Data is Social: Exploiting Data Relationships to Detect Insider Attacks
Mohammad Khan 1343766 The Role of Emotion in Risk Communication and Warning: Application to Risks of Failures to Update Software
Daniel Kifer 1228669 WC SBES: Medium: Utility for Private Data Sharing in Social Science
Taesoo Kim 1563848 Secure Design of SGX Enclaves
Jonathan Kimball 1505610, 1505633 Secure Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems
Matthias Kirchner 1464275 Camera-based Mobile Device Authentication
Andrew Klapper 1420227 TWC: Small: Design and Analysis of Symmetric Key Ciphers
Joerg Kliewer 1526547 Communication under Adversarial Attacks in Complex Networks
Alfred Kobsa 1640664 EAGER: Collaborative: PRICE: Using process tracing to improve household IoT users' privacy decisions
Alfred Kobsa 1544373 The Effect of Sensory Stimuli on the Performance of Security-Critical Tasks
Alfred Kobsa 142362 Cross-Cultural Privacy Prediction
Tadayoshi Kohno 1565252 TWC: Large: Collaborative: Living in the Internet of Things
Oleg Komogortsev 1250718 CAREER: Secure and Trustworthy Ocular Biometrics
Chakraborty Koushik 1421068 Mitigating the Threat of a Malicious Network-on-Chip
Onur Koyluoglu 1617335 Coding-based Mechanisms for Building Secure Cloud Storage Systems
Shriram Krishnamurthi 1449236 EAGER: By the People, For the People: Community Ratings for App Privacy
Ram Krishnan 1553696 CAREER: Group-Centric Secure Information Sharing - Models, Properties, and Implementation
Ram Krishnan 1423481 TWC: Small: Attribute Based Access Control for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
Stephane Lafortune 1421122 Intrusion Detection and Resilience Against Attacks in Cyber and Cyber-Physical Control Systems
Cedric Langbort 1619339 Strategic information transmission in cyber-socio-physical systems - from threat to boon
Robert LaRose 1318885 Online Safety for the Ages
Lucas Layman 1619084 Pocket Security:
Smartphone Cybercrime in the Wild
Kyumin Lee 1553035 Tracking, Revealing and Detecting Crowdsourced Manipulation
Gwendolyn Lee 1537528 Understanding the Strategic Values of Privacy Practices in Organizations
Ruby Lee 1526493 STARSS: Small: Collaborative: Practical and Scalable Security Verification of Security-Aware Hardware Architectures
Insup Lee 1505799 Security and Privacy-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems
Wenke Lee 1409635 EPICA


Levin 1564143 Key Sharing in the HTTPS Ecosystem
Jun Li 1564348, 1564250, 1564039 Online Social Network Fraud and Attack Research and Identification
Ninghui Li 1640374 Bridging The Gap between Theory and Practice in Data Privacy
Zhenhui Li 1544455 Toward Transparency in Public Policy via Privacy Enhanced Social Flow Analysis with Applications to Ecological Networks and Crim
Feifei Li 1514520 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Seal: Secure Engine for AnaLytics - From Secure Similarity Search to Secure Data Analytics
Kang LI 1318881 EDU: Enhancing and Broadening Computer Security Education with Stepwise and Reusable Problem-solving Challenges
Ninghui Li 1314688 TWC SBE: Medium: Collaborative: User-Centric Risk Communication and Control on Mobile Devices
Katrina Ligett 1254169 CAREER: The Value of Privacy
Dan Lin 1651455, 1651166 iPrivacy: Automatic Recommendation of Personalized Privacy Settings for Image Sharing
Zhiqiang Lin 1623276 Using Virtual Machine Introspection for Deep Cybersecurity Education
Huijia Lin 1528178 TWC: Small: Oblivious Cloud Storage Systems, from Theory to Practice --- Simpler, More Efficient, More Robust
Janne Lindqvist 1228777 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Capturing People's Expectations of Privacy with Mobile Apps by Combining Automated Scanning and Crowdsourcing Techniques
Heather Lipford 1500052 A Body of Knowledge for Usable Security and Privacy Education
Heather Lipford 1318854 Discovering Software Vulnerabilities through Interactive Static Analysis
Peng Liu 1422215, 1422206 Privacy Protection in Social Networks: Bridging the Gap Between User Perception and Privacy Enforcement
Yao Liu 1553304 A Pathway towards Channel Camouflage and Manipulation Techniques for Wireless Security
Yao Liu 1527144 TWC: Small: Techniques and Tools for Enforcing Proximity-based Policies in Wireless Systems
Alex Liu 1524698 Multipath TCP Side Channel Vulnerabilities and Defenses
Peng Liu 1422594 Towards Agile and Privacy Preserving Cloud Computing
Mingyan Liu 1422211 TWC: Small: Understanding Network Level Malicious Activities: Classification, Community Detection and Inference of Security Interdependence
Vinod Lohani 1623047 Development and Analysis of a Spiral Theory-based Cybersecurity Curriculum
Songwu Lu 1528122 Cellular Network Services in Peril: A Perspective on Control-Plane and Data-Plane Design
Songwu Lu 1422835 Secure Data Charging Architecture for Mobile Devices in 3G/4G Cellular Networks: Vulnerabilities and Solutions
Long Lu 1421824 STRUCT: Secure and Trustworthy Compartments in Mobile Applications
Roman Lysecky 1615890 TWC: Small: Time-Centric Modeling of Correct Behaviors for Efficient Non-intrusive Runtime Detection of Unauthorized System Actions
Anna Lysyanskaya 1422361 Empowering Anonymity
Mohamed Mahmoud 1619250 Multi-Layer Approaches for Securing Enhanced AMI Networks against Traffic Analysis Attacks
Hemanta Maji 1618822 TWC: Small: General and Modular Secure Computation in the Offline-Online Paradigm
Hemanta Maji 1566499 CRII: SaTC: Computational Correlations: A New Tool for Cryptography
Yiorgos Makris 1514050 Hardware Trojans in Wireless Networks: Risks & Remedies
Zhuoqing Mao 1318306, 1526455 MitM Attack by Name Collision: Cause Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment in the New gTLD Era
Stephen McCamant 1526319 Quantitative Information Flow Measurement
Jay McCarthy 1617307 Automated Protocol Design and Refinement
Hoda Mehrpouyan 1657774 Privacy Management in Ubiquitous Environments
Stephen Miller 1526663 Lattices, modularity, and crypto
Jelena Mirkovic 1319215 FRADE: Flash cRowd Attack DEfense
Jelena Mirkovic 1224035 Revitalizing Cyber-Security Education Through Competitions
Alan Mislove 1563320 Measuring and Improving the Management of Today's PKI
Alan Mislove 1421444 Towards Robust Crowd Computations
John Mitchell 1500089 Cybersecurity Education for Policy Makers
Prateek Mittal 1423139 Anonymity Against AS-level Adversaries
Sibin Mohan 1423334

Behavior-Based Zero-Day Intrusion Detection for Real-time Cyber-Physical Systems

Arjun Mukherjee 1527364 Statistical Models for Opinion Spam Detection Leveraging Linguistic and Behavioral Cues
Venkitasubramaniam Muthuramakrishnan 1526377 Understanding the Complexity of Concurrent Security
Brad Myers 1423054 TWC: Small: Empirical Evaluation of the Usability and Security Implications of Application Programming Interface Design
Arvind Narayanan 1526353 Online tracking: Threat Detection, Measurement and Response


Naumann 1228930 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Flexible and Practical Information Flow Assurance for Mobile Apps
Nick Nikiforakis 1617593 TWC: Small: Emerging Attacks Against the Mobile Web and Novel Proxy Technologies for Their Containment
Nick Nikiforakis 1527086 TWC: Small: Cross-application and Cross-platform Tracking of Web Users: Techniques and Countermeasures
Kobbi Nissim 1565387, 1565365 Computing over Distributed Sensitive Data
Cristina Nita-Rotaru 1654137 Improving Protocol Vulnerability Discovery via Semantic Interpretation of Textual Specifications
Guevara Noubir 1409453, 1409053 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Strengthening Wi-Fi Network Wide
Sewoong Oh 1527754 Fundamental limits of differential privacy
Daniela Oliveira 1513055 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Developer Crowdsourcing: Capturing, Understanding, and Addressing Security-related Blind Spots in APIs
Daniela Olivera 1464794 Age-Related Vulnerabilities to Social-Engineering Attacks
Michael Orshansky 1527888 STARSS: Small: Simulation-Based Verification of EM Side-Channel Attack Resilience of Embedded Cryptographic Systems
Michael Orshansky 1441484 SaTC: STARSS: Hardware Authentication through High-Capacity PUF-Based Secret Key Generation and Lattice Coding
Rafail Ostrovsky 1619348 Cryptography and Communication Complexity
Xinming Ou 1314925 Bringing Anthropology into Cybersecurity
Charalampos Papamanthou 1526631, 1526950, 1525044 Applications of Data Structures to Security Problems
Charalampos Papamanthou 1514261, 1526950 IntegriDB: Verifiable SQL for Outsourced Databases
Abhishek Parakh 1623380 EDU: QuaSim: A Virtual Interactive Quantum Cryptography Educator-A Project-based Gamified Educational Paradigm
Keshab Parhi 1441639 SaTC: STARSS: Design of Secure and Anti-Counterfeit Integrated Circuits
Sameer Patil 1548779 Privacy Compliance by Design
Vern Paxson 1518918,

1518523, 1602399, 1518845

Towards a Science of Censorship Resistance
Mathias Payer 1464155 Data Confidentiality and Integrity
Chunyi Peng 1527613 Cellular Network Services in Peril: A Perspective on Control-Plane and Data-Plane Design
Chunyi Peng 1421933 Secure Data Charging Architecture for Mobile Devices in 3G/4G Cellular Networks: Vulnerabilities and Solutions
Roberto Perdisci 1149051 Reconstructing and investigating in-the-wild web-based malware downloads
Michael Petullo 1464121 CRII: SaTC: Next-Generation Robust Software
Vir Phoha 1527795 Spoof-resistant Authentication Through Phone and Wearables
Benjamin Pierce 1513854 TWC: Medium: Micro-Policies: A Framework for Tag-Based Security Monitors
Jules Polonetsky 1654085 Privacy Research and Data Responsibility Research Coordination Network (RCN)
Michalis Polychronakis 1617902 TWC: Small: Combating Environment-aware Malware
Dmitry Ponomarev 1422401 TWC: Small: Side Channels through Lower-Level Caches: Attacks, Defenses and Security Metrics
Atul Prakash 1318722 TWC: Small: Discovering and Restricting Undesirable Information Flows Between Multiple Spheres of Activities
Zhiyun Qian 1464410 TCP Side Channels - Real Threats
Emilee Rader 1116544, 1115926 Influencing Mental Models of Security
Emilee Rader 1524296 TWC: Small: Designing a Coordination Mechanism for Managing Privacy as a Common-Pool Resource
Jeyavijayan Rajendran 1618797 Secure Split Manufacturing
Zvonimir Rakamaric 1527526 DEKER: DECOMPOSING OS KERNELS
Samuel Ransbotham 1350061 Using Analytics on Security Data to Understand Negative Innovations
Raghav Rao 1651475 An Investigation of the Propagation of Error-Resistant and
Error-Prone Messages Over Large-Scale Information Networks
Alexander Rasin 1656268 TTP: Small: A Kit for Exploring Databases under the Hood for Security, Forensics and Data Recovery
Indrakshi Ray 1619641 Toward a Test Bed for Heavy Vehicle Cyber Security Experimentation
Aunshul Rege 1453040 Understanding Adaptive Adversarial Behavior and Decision-Making Processes in Cyberattacks
Michael Reiter 1330599, 1330308,


Rethinking Security in the Era of Cloud Computing
Kui Ren 1262277 CAREER: Secure and Privacy-assured Data Service Outsourcing in Cloud Computing
Leonid Reyzin 1422965 TWC: Small: Noisy Secrets as Alternatives to Passwords and PKI
Golden Richard 1358723 EAGER: Integrating Cognitive and Computer Science to Improve Cyber Security
Franziska Roesner 1463968 CRII: SaTC: Improving Computer Security Technologies through Analyzing Security Needs and Practices of Journalists
Franziska Roesner 1513575 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Studying Journalists to Identify Requirements for Usable, Secure, and Trustworthy Communication
Phillip Rogaway 1228828 Deconstructing Encryption
Keith Ross 1318659 Protecting the Online Privacy of Users of Social Networks
Norman Sadeh 1513957 Towards Personalized Privacy Assistant: Understanding Privacy Decision Making and Behavioral Impact
Amit Sahai 1413955, 1414000, 1414023, 1414082 CEF: Center for Encrypted Functionalities


Sandhu 1111925 Security Metrics
Lalitha Sankar 1350914 CAREER: Privacy-Guaranteed Distributed Interactions in Critical Infrastructure Networks
Fareena Saqib 1623299 HACE Lab: An Online Hardware Security Attack and Countermeasure Evaluation Lab
Fareena Saqib 1566530 Hardware based Authentication and Trusted Platform Module functions (HAT) for IoTs
Anand Sarwate 1617849 TWC: Small: PERMIT: Privacy-Enabled Resource Management for IoT Networks
Ioannis Savidis 1648878 On-Chip Real-Time Hardware Trojan Detection
Lori Scarlatos 1623150 Branching Interactive Graphic Stories for Cybersecurity Education
Patrick Schaumont 1441710 FAME: Fault-attack aware Microprocessor
Stephanie Schuckers 1314792 Long-term Active User Authentication Using Multi-modal Profiles


Schuster 1553018 Understanding Human Cognition in Computer Network Defense
Kent Seamons 1528022 TrustBase
Vyas Sekar 1564009 TWC: Medium: Handling a Trillion Unfixable Flaws on Billions of Internet-of-Things
Ramasubramanian Sekar 1319137 TWC: Small: A platform for enhancing security of binary code
Shamik Sengupta 1528167 Establishing market based mechanisms for CYBer security information EXchange (CYBEX)
Sanjit Seshia 1528108 STARSS: Small: Collaborative: Specification and Verification for Secure Hardware
Micah Sherr 1527401 TWC: TTP Option: Small: Collaborative: Enhancing Anonymity Network Resilience against Pervasive Internet Attacks
Micah Sherr 1149832 CAREER: Private Communication in Strongly Adversarial Networks
Amit Sheth 1513721 Context-Aware Harassment Detection on Social Media
Yaoyun Shi 1526928 A Quantum Approach to Hardware Security
Akbar Siami Namin 1347521 Sonifying Cyber-Security Cues
Lisa Singh 1223825 Assessing Online Information Exposure
Using Web Footprints
Radu Sion 1562376 CipherLocker: Encrypted Regulatory-Compliant Privacy-Enabled Drag and Drop Cloud Storage
Radu Sion 1526707 Practical Plausible Deniability for Storage Systems
Adam Slagell 1314891 Runtime Semantic Security Analysis to Detect and Mitigate Control-Related Attacks in Power Grids
Meera Sridhar 1566321 CRII: SaTC: A Language Based Approach to Hybrid Mobile App Security
Matthew Stamm 1553610 CAREER: Scaling Forensic Algorithms for Big Data and Adversarial Environments
Kevin Steinmetz 1616804 Technological Con-Artistry
Scott Stoller 1421893 Access Control Policy Mining and Management
Cynthia Sturton 1651276 Identifying Security Critical Properties of a Processor
Cynthia Sturton 1464209 CRII: SaTC: Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in Instruction Set Architectures
Gookwon Suh 1513797 TWC: Medium: Language-Hardware Co-Design for Practical and Verifiable Information Flow Control
S. Shyam Sundar 1450500 Why Do We Reveal or Withhold Private Information? Exploring Heuristics and Designing Interface Cues for Secure Computing
Jakub Szefer 1524680, 1526493 Practical and Scalable Security Verification of Security-Aware Hardware Architectures
Patrick Tague 1149582 CAREER: Inference-Based Adaptation Techniques for Next Generation Jamming and Anti-Jamming Capabilities
Gang Tan 1624126 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Retrofitting Software for Defense-in-Depth
Gang Tan 1624124 CAREER: User-Space Protection Domains for Compositional Information Security
Chiu Tan 1618398 TWC: Small: Evidence of Presence for Intelligent Vehicles using Environment-Based Security
Mark Tehranipoor 1561023 Design of Low-Cost Memory-Based Security Primitives and Techniques for High-Volume Products
Stefano Tessaro 1553758 CAREER: The Theoretical Foundations of Symmetric Cryptography
Stefano Tessaro 1423566 TWC: Small: Better Security for Efficient Secret-Key Cryptography
Russell Tessier 1318497 New Directions in FPGA Security
Michael Thomas 1623267 A Cybersecurity Collectable Card Game for Urban Youth
Donald Towsley 1564067 Limits and Algorithms for Covert Communications
Donald Truxillo 1544535 Exploring Job Applicant Privacy Concerns
Salil Vadhan 1237235 Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data
Jaideep Vaidya 1422501 Privacy Preserving Outlier Detection
Joe Valacich 1615696 Identifying Malicious Insiders through Mouse Cursor Movements
Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez 1564329 Lumen: Fine-Grained Visibility and Control of Mobile Traffic in User-Space
Marten van Dijk 1617774 Self-Recovering Certificate Authorities using Backward and Forward Secure Key Management
Nico van Eijk and Daniel Weitzner 1639994 Transparency Bridges: Exploring Transparency Requirements in Smartphone Ecosystems
Barbara van Schewick 1330141, 1330596, 1330214 The Usable Privacy Policy Project
Eugene Vasserman 1224007, 1253930 TWC TTP: Small: Security, Privacy, and Trust for Systems of Coordinating Medical Devices
Guru Venkataramani 1618786 STARSS: Small: Defending Against Hardware Covert Timing Channels
Giovanni Vigna 1408632 TrustDroid
Roopa Vishwanathan 1566297 CRII: SaTC: Automated Proof Construction and Verification for Attribute-based Cryptography
David Voorhees 1500033 SaTC-EDU: EAGER: INCUBATE - INjecting and assessing Cybersecurity edUcation with little internal suBject mATter Expertise
Michael Walfish 1514422 TWC: Medium: Scaling proof-based verifiable computation


Wang 1643020 EAGER: Towards a Traffic Analysis Resistant Internet Architecture
Ting Wang 1566526 CRII: SaTC: Re-Envisioning Contextual Services and Mobile Privacy in the Era of Deep Learning
Weichao Wang 1523096 Developing Security Education Materials for Future Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Workforce
Yang Wang 1464347 Individualized Mental Model and Universal Privacy Dashboard
Zhi Wang 1453020 CAREER: Towards Trustworthy Operating Systems
Jingguo Wang 1420758 Risk of Data Breaches in Financial Institutions: A Routine Activity Perspective
Weichao Wang 1303356 Integrated Learning Environment for Cyber Security of Smart Grid

Wendy Hui

Wang 1350324 Verifiable Outsourcing of Data Mining Computations
Steven Weber 1228847 TTP: Medium Securing the Wireless Philadelphia Network
Hoeteck Wee 1445424 SaTC: Small: New Challenges in Functional Encryption
Shuangqing Wei 1320351 Security in Dynamic Environments:
Harvesting Network Randomness and Diversity
Ning Weng 1623353, 1623247, 1623268, 1623277 EDU: Collaborative: Integrating Embedded Systems Security into Computer Engineering and Science Curricula


Williams 1318428 Motivating and Reaching University Students and Professionals with Software Security Education
Tilman Wolf 1617458 TWC: Small: Hardware Security for Embedded Computing Systems
Rebecca Wright 1646856, 1646890 Anomaly Detection in Multilayer Networks
Xintao Wu 1523115, 1523154 Enhancing Education in Genetic Privacy
Dinghao Wu 1223710 Translingual Obfuscation
Tao Xie 1513939, 1513690 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Improving Mobile-Application Security via Text Analytics
Kaiqi Xiong 1620862 EAGER: Collaborative: Computational Cognitive Modeling of User Security and Incentive Behaviors
Li Xiong 1618932 Spatiotemporal Privacy for Location Based Applications
Dongyan Xu 1409668, 1409534 Binary-Centric Forensic Analysis of Advanced Cyber Attacks Against Enterprise Environments
Dianxiang Xu 1522847 Software Artifact Repository
Dianxiang Xu 1359590 Automated Conformance Testing of Attribute-Based Access Control and Obligation Policies
Guanhua Yan 1618631 TWC: Small: A Moving Target Approach to Enhancing Machine Learning-Based Malware Defense
Qiben Yan 1566388 Non-intrusive Detection of Mobile Malware and Botnets
Junfeng Yang 1564055, 1563843 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Efficient Repair of Learning Systems via Machine Unlearning
Shanchieh Yang 1526383 Automating Attack Strategy Recognition to Enhance Cyber Threat Prediction
Baijian Yang 1500046 Enhancing Cybersecurity Education Through a Representational Fluency Model
Alec Yasinsac 1636470 Cybersecurity Technology Transfer to Practice (TTP)
Yanfang Ye 1618629 Intelligent Malware Detection Utilizing Novel File Relation-Based Features and Resilient Techniques for Adversarial Attacks
Vinod Yegneswaran 1514503 MALDIVES: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Malware Delivery Mechanisms
Vinod Yegneswaran 1314956 HIMALAYAS
Lei Ying 1618768 TWC SBE: Small: Towards an Economic Foundation of Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics: Incentive Mechanisms and Fundamental Limits
Meng Yu 1422355, 1422594 Towards Agile and Privacy-Preserving Cloud Computing
Shimeng Yu 1615774 Design of RRAM based Hardware Security Primitives
Alenka Zajic 1318934 Quantitative Analysis and Reporting of Electromagnetic Covert and Side Channel Vulnerabilities
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Mark Zhandry 1616442 Encryptor Combiners
Yanchao Zhang 1421999, 1700032 TWC: Small: Collaborative: Secure and Usable Mobile Authentication for People with Visual Impairment
Yanchao Zhang 1700032 TWC: Small: Collaborative: Secure and Usable Mobile Authentication for People with Visual Impairment
Yanchao Zhang 1619251 TWC: Small: Secure Mobile Devices through Multiple Lines of Defense
Zhiru Zhang 1618275 STARSS: Small: Automatic Synthesis of Verifiably Secure Hardware Accelerators
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Zhou 1618300 Energy-Efficient Privacy-Preserving
Active Authentication of Smartphone Users
Yilu Zhou 1551004 Can You Trust Apps Age Recommendations? Inconsistent and Unreliable Maturity Ratings on Mobile Platforms
Lina Zhou 1527684 What Online Reviewer Behaviors Really Matter?
Sencun Zhu 1618684 Reputation-Escalation-as-a-Service: Analyses and Defenses