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Lead PI First Name Lead PI Last Name NSF Project Award Number(s) Project Title
Amos Abbott 2136915 EAGER: Biometric Authentication using Noncontact Cardiovascular Signals
Nael Abu-Ghazaleh CNS-1619322, 1617915 Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: Leakage-free Isolated Execution: Architectures and Security Models
Yuvraj Agarwal 1801472 SaTC: Core: End-to-End Support for Privacy in the Internet-of-Things
Khair Al Shamaileh 2006662 Jamming Detection and Classification in OFDM-based UAVs via Feature- and Spectrogram-tailored Machine Learning
Laura Albert 2000986 SaTC: CORE: Medium: An Optimization Framework for Identifying Dynamic Risk Management Practices
Ahmad Alsharif 2153464 CRII: SaTC: RUI: Towards Trustworthy and Accountable IoT Data Marketplaces
Mary Jean Amon 2053152 Bottom-up Psychosocial Interventions for Interpersonal Privacy Preservation in Social Media
Nazanin Andalibi 2020872 Towards Accounting for the Human in Emotion Recognition Technologies
Sebastian Angel 2045861 CAREER: Tools For Building Online Services That Hide Metadata
Mohd Anwar 2007662 Tracking User Behavior, Cognitive Burdens, and the Impact of Behavioral Nudging on Security Updates by Young and Older Adults
Navid Asadi 1821780 PHIKS - PHysical Inspection and attacKs on electronicS
Adam Aviv 1845300 CAREER: Enhancing Mobile Authentication by Measuring the Authentication Life-Cycle
Adam Aviv 2138654, 2138078 Collaborative Research: SaTC: EDU: Security and Privacy Implications of Remote Proctoring for School Policies and Practices
Erman Ayday 2050410 SaTC: CORE: Small: Robust, Privacy- and Utility-Preserving Fingerprinting Schemes for Correlated Data
Anys Bacha CNS-1947580 An Integrated Treatment of Ransomware Through Microarchitecture and Software Solutions
Ibrahim Baggili 1900210 Expanding Digital Forensics Education with Artifact Curation and Scalable, Accessible Artifact Exercises
Hamid Bahrami 1956110 SaTC: CORE: Small: A Practical Approach to Study Security in Wireless Networks
Shi Bai 2122229 Cryptographic Hardness of Module Lattices
Shi Bai 2044855 CAREER: Concrete Hardness in Lattice-based Cryptography
Kiran Balagani 1814846 Leveraging Movement, Posture, and Anthropometric Contexts to Strengthen the Security of Mobile Biometric
Alexandru Bardas 1850406 CRII: SaTC: Creating and Managing Structurally-Morphing IT Systems - Moving Targets
Alexandru Bardas 1915824, 1915822 DCL: SaTC: Early-Stage Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Sociotechnical Metrics Framework for Network and Security Operation Centers
Lujo Bauer 1801391, 2113345 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Using Machine Learning to Build More Resilient and Transparent Computer Systems
France Belanger SES-2039172 Information Privacy Tensions and Decisions in Families during COVID-19
Terry Benzel 1925773, 1925616, 1925564, 1925588 Sharing Expertise and Artifacts for Reuse through Cybersecurity Community Hub (SEARCCH)
Julia Bernd 2114229, 2114230 Foregrounding Bystanders as Stakeholders in Smart Home Product Design
Raheem Beyah 1929580 ADIDS: An Air-gapped Distributed Intrusion Detection System for the Power Grid
Nicola Bezzo 11816591 Online Malicious Intent Inference for Safe CPS Operations under Cyber-attacks
Shameek Bhattacharjee 2030611 SaTC CORE: Small: TAURUS: Towards a Unified Robust and Secure Data Driven Approach for Attack Detection in Smart Living
Vincent Bindschaedler 2055123 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Countering Surveillanceware Using Deception-Based Generative Models and Systems Mechanisms
Gedare Bloom 2046705 CAREER: Foundations for Real-Time System Security
Alexandra Boldyreva 1946919 Provable Security Analysis of FIDO2 Protocol for Passwordless Authentication on the Web
Borzoo Bonakdarpour 2100989 SaTC:CORE:Small:Techniques for Software Model Checking of Hyperproperties
Shaunak D. Bopardikar 2134076 SaTC: CORE: SMALL: Data-driven Attack and Defense Modeling for Cyber-physical Systems (CPS)
Travis Breaux 2007298 Privacy Impact and Risk Assessment at Design-Time
Zhipeng Cai 1912753 SaTC: EDU: Collaborative: Advancing Cybersecurity Learning Through Inquiry-based Laboratories on a Container-based Virtualization Platform
Kelly Caine 1940679 Cryptographic Provenance for Digital Publishing
L. Jean Camp 1565375 TWC: Large: Collaborative: Living in the Internet of Things
Yinzhi Cao 1854000 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Efficient Repair of Learning Systems via Machine Unlearning
Justin Cappos 1801376 NSF SaTC: TTP: Medium: Collaborative: Securing the Software Supply Chain
Bogdan Carbunar 2013671 SaTC: CORE: Small: Deconstructing and Neutralizing Search Rank Fraud
Bogdan Carbunar 2114911 Collaborative Research: EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Just-in-Time AI Driven Cyber Abuse Education in Social Networks
Krishnendu Chakrabarty 2049335 Secure and Trustworthy Cyberphysical Microfluidic Systems
Krishnendu Chakrabarty 2011561 Security of FPGA-as-a-Service Reconfigurable Systems
David Chan-Tin 1919004, 1918591 SaTC: EDU: Collaborative: Personalized Cybersecurity Education and Training
Bo Chen 1938130 EAGER: Enabling Secure Data Recovery for Mobile Devices against Malicious Attacks
Hao Chen 1801751 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Towards Robust Machine Learning Systems
Hsinchun Chen 1936370 SaTC: CORE: Small: Cybersecurity Big Data Research for Hacker Communities: A Topic and Language Modeling Approach
Hsinchun Chen CNS-2041770 CRII: SaTC: Identifying Emerging Threats in the Online Hacker Community for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence
Hsinchun Chen 2038483 EAGER: SaTC-EDU: AI-Cybersecurity Research and Education (AI4Cyber) at Scale
Qi Chen 1930041, 1929771 Exposing and Mitigating Security/Safety Concerns of CAVs: A Holistic and Realistic Security Testing Platform for Emerging CAVs
Yingying Chen 1820624 Exploiting Physical Properties in Wireless Networks for Implicit Authentication
Yingying Chen 2114220, 2114161 Securing IoT and Edge Devices under Audio Adversarial Attacks
Yu Chen CNS-2039342 EAGER: SAVED: Secure Audio and Video Data from Deepfake Attacks Leveraging Environmental Fingerprints
Long Cheng 2114920, 2114982, 2114936 EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Learning Platform and Education Curriculum for Artificial Intelligence-Driven Socially-Relevant Cybersecurity
Adam Chlipala 2130671 Scaling Correct-by-Construction Code Generation for Cryptography
Christopher Clifton CNS-2114123, 2114141 Broad-Spectrum Facial Image Protection with Provable Privacy Guarantees
Christian Collberg 2040206 The Tigress Endpoint Protection Tool - Transition to Practice
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs CNS-2054869 Practical Private Information Retrieval
Matthew Costello 2014065 RAPID: Exploring the New Wave of Cyber-Harassment Linked to COVID-19
Dana Dachman-Soled 1933033 SaTC: CORE: Small: Meta Coding and Applications in Cryptography
Alberto Dainotti 1705024 Investigating the Susceptibility of the Internet Topology to Country-level Connectivity Disruption and Manipulation
Melissa Dark 2117073 Assessment Resources for Cybersecurity (ARC) project
Anupam Das 1849997 CRII: SaTC: Analyzing Information Leak in Smart Homes
Sauvik Das 2029519 Corporeal Cybersecurity
Sauvik Das 2126058 Privacy Through Design
Azadeh Davoodi 1812600 SaTC: STARSS: Small: Analysis of Security and Countermeasures for Split Manufacturing of Integrated Circuits
Saumya Debray 1908313 Reasoning about Dependencies and Information Flow in Dynamic Code
Leigh Ann DeLyser 2028426 JROTC-CS Impact Study
Srini Devadas 2115587 Provably Secure, Usable, and Performant Enclaves in Multicore Processors
Thang Dinh 2140477, 2140411 Collaborative Research: SaTC: EAGER: Trustworthy and Privacy-preserving Federated Learning
YEVGENIY DODIS 2055578 Making Crypto Too BIG To Break
YEVGENIY DODIS 1815546 On the Power of Preprocessing and Non-Uniformity
Shiri Dori-Hacohen 2147305 FAI: BRIMI - Bias Reduction In Medical Information
Christopher Doss 2039612, 2039613, 2039614 EAGER: SaTC AI-Cybersecurity: Safeguarding STEM Education and Scientific Knowledge in the age of Hyper realistic AI-Generated Data
Ramakrishnan Durairajan 2132651, 2132643, 2132639 ONSET: Optics-enabled Network Defenses for Extreme Terabit DDoS Attacks
Manuel Egele 1916393, 1916398 Taming Memory Corruption with Security Monitors
Kirsten Eisentraeger 2001470 Classical and Quantum Algorithms For Number-Theoretic Problems Arising in Cryptography
Salim El Rouayheb 1801630 Secure Distributed Coded Computations for IoT: An Information Theoretic and Network Approach
William Enck 2054911, 2055014 Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: Enabling Practically Secure Cellular Infrastructure
William Enck 1946273 SaTC: CORE: Small: Detecting Vulnerabilities and Remediations in Software Dependencies
Michalis Faloutsos 2132642 SOFIA: Finding and Profiling Malware Source-Code in Public Archives at Scale
Liyue Fan 1949217 Image Publication with Differential Privacy
Liyue Fan CNS-1951430 Privacy-Preserving Mobile Data Collection for Social and Behavioral Research
Fariborz Farahmand 2041788 Advancing Cybersecurity Education to Human-Level Artificial Intelligence
Lisa Fazio 2122640 SaTC: CORE: Small: How False Beliefs Form and How to Correct Them
Earlence Fernandes 2144376 Security and Privacy Foundations of Internet-Scale User-Centered Automation
Renato Figueiredo 1814557 FIRMA: Personalized Cross-Layer Continuous Authentication
Renato Figueiredo 2028734 Lumen: A Machine Learning Framework to Expose Influence Cues in Texts
Ferdinando Fioretto 2133169 Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Small: Privacy and Fairness in Critical Decision Making
Alvis Fong 2017289 CyberTraining: Pilot: Modular Experiential Learning for Secure, Safe, and Reliable AI (MELSSRAI)
Domenic Forte 1717392 iPROBE - An Internal Shielding Approach for Protecting against Frontside and Backside Probing Attacks
Xing Gao 2054657 CRII: SaTC: Securing Containers in Multi-Tenant Environment via Augmenting Linux Control Groups
Lixin Gao 1918187 Privacy-Preserving Policy Verification of Interdomain Routing
Christina Garman 2047991 Removing the Human Element: Securing Deployed Cryptographic Systems through the use of Cryptographic Automation
Jean-Luc Gaudiot 2026675 Securing Information Systems with Flexible Hardware Techniques
Daniel Genkin CNS-1954712 CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Hardening Off-the-Shelf Software Against Side Channel Attacks
Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon 2017655 Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Extremist Content in Social Media
Guofei Gu 1816497 Adversarial Learning via Modeling Interpretation
Danna Gurari 2126314 Novel Algorithms and Tools for Empowering People Who Are Blind to Safeguard Private Visual Content
Nikhil Gupta DGE-1931724 SaTC-EDU: Collaborative: Cybersecurity Education for Additive Manufacturing
Maanak Gupta 2025682 Collaborative Research: SaTC: EDU: Artificial Intelligence Assisted Malware Analysis
Shuang Hao 2146448 CAREER: Empowering White-box Driven Analytics to Detect AI-synthesized Deceptive Content
Ian Harris 1813858 Detecting Social Engineering Attacks Using Semantic Language Analysis
John Harris 1801599 REVELARE: A Hardware-Supported Dynamic Information Flow Tracking Framework for IoT Security and Forensics
Willie Harrison 1910812 CIF: Small: Best Wiretap Codes for Real-world Physical-layer Security
Ting He 1946022 SaTC: CORE: Small: Adversarial Network Reconnaissance in Software Defined Networking
Nadia Heninger 1913167, 1913210 Short Vectors in Lattices
Nadia Heninger 2048563 CAREER: Cryptographic Security at Internet Scale
Matthew Hicks 2046589 CAREER: Designing and Defending Novel Ultra-stealthy andControllable Design-time Analog-domain Hardware Trojans
Viet Tung Hoang 1755539 Towards Stronger and Verified Security for Real-World Cryptography
Viet Tung Hoang 2046540 New Analytic Frontiers for Symmetric Cryptography
Yuan Hong CNS-2034870, 2034615 Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Small: Privately Collecting and Analyzing V2X Data for Urban Traffic Modeling
Nicholas Hopper 1815757 Models and Measurements for Website Fingerprinting
Nicholas Hopper 1814753 Consistent and Private Group Communication
Khaza Anuarul Hoque 2114035 Modeling and Defense of Cyber Attacks for Improving Social Virtual Reality Resilience
Tamzidul Hoque 2114157, 2114165, 2114200 Hardware Security Education for All Through Seamless Extension of Existing Curricula
Amir Houmansadr 1553301 CAREER: Sustainable Censorship Resistance Systems for the Next Decade
Justin Hsu 2152831 CORE: Medium: SPIPS: Security and Privacy in Programmable Switches
Fei Hu DGE#1723250 Captivology-Stimuli-based Learning (CAPITAL) of Big Data Security (BigSec): Towards a Science/Engineering, Career-Oriented Train
Hongxin Hu 2129164 CAREER: Towards Elastic Security with Safe and Efficient Network Security Function Virtualization
Jeff Huang 1901482 New Defenses for Data-Only Attacks
Cahrles Hughes 2114808 Improving Cybersecurity Education for Adolescents with Autism Through Automated Augmented Self-Monitoring Applications
Stratis Ioannidis 1717213 MaSSIF: Massively Scalable Secure Computation Infrastructure using FPGAs
Trent Jaeger 1801534 DataGuard System - "The Taming of the Stack" - NDSS 2022
Shweta Jain CNS-2131182 CISE: MSI: Cultivating and Developing Research Talent to Support Research in Cyber-Security
Ahmad Javaid 1903419, 1903423 INteractive Animated VIsualization and PracTice basEd Cybersecurity Curriculum and Training (InviteCyber) Framework
Sampath Jayarathna 2149607 REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Disinformation Detection and Analytics
Limin Jia 1704542 Towards a Usable, Practical, and Provably Secure Browser Infrastructure
Limin Jia CNS-2114148, 2114074 Toward Safe, Private, and Secure Home Automation: From Formal Modeling to User Evaluation
Naima Kaabouch 2006674 GPS Spoofing Attacks on UAS: Detection Techniques Based on Machine and Deep Learning
Chris Kanich CNS-1801663 Enabling Long-Term Security and Privacy through Retrospective Data Management
Apu Kapadia 1814476 Socio-Technical Strategies for Enhancing Privacy in Photo Sharing
Apu Kapadia 1814513, 1814866 Tangible Privacy: User-Centric Sensor Designs for Assured Privacy
Nathan Kaplan DMS 1802281 Counting Problems in Number Theory: Elliptic and Plane Quartic Curves over Finite Fields
Robert Karam DGE-1954259 SaTC: EDU: Improving Student Learning through Competitive Embedded System Security Challenges
Nima Karimian 2104520 Physical Side Channel Attacks in Biometric System
Omer Khan 1929261 SaTC: CORE: Small: A Secure Processor that Exploits Multicore Parallelism while Protecting Against Microarchitecture State Attacks
Mohammad Khan 1750908 CAREER: The Role of Emotion and Social Motives in Communicating Risk: Implications for User Behavior in the Cyber Security Context
Latifur Khan 1931800 Curriculum Development for Secure Blockchain Technologies
Latifur Khan 2039542 Secure and Privacy-Preserving Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Development for Cyber Security
Anurag Khandelwal 2054957 Mixed Distribution Models for Encrypted Data Stores
Farshad Khorrami 2039615 NSF SATC: TTP: Small: Tracking Run-time Anomalies in Code Execution (TRACE)
Aleksandra Korolova 1943584 CAREER: Towards Privacy and Fairness in Multi-Sided Platforms
David Kotz CNS-1955805, 1955172, 1955228, 1955231 SPLICE: Security and Privacy in the Lifecycle of IoT for Consumer Environments
Brent Lagesse 2113954, 2113955 EAGER: SaTC: EDU: AI-enhanced Cybersecurity: Workforce Needs and Barriers to Learning
Yingjie Lao 2047384 CAREER: Protecting Deep Learning Systems against Hardware-Oriented Vulnerabilities
Loukas Lazos 1813401 SaTC: CORE: Small: Secure Cloud Storage Verification Methods
Kisung Lee 2032745 RAPID: Investigating Public Health and Social Information Disparities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jaewoo Lee 1943046 CAREER: Robust Adaptive Optimization Algorithms for Differentially Private Learning
Kyumin Lee 1755536 Tracking, Revealing and Detecting Crowdsourced Manipulation
Adam Lee 1704139, 1703853 Scalable Dynamic Access Control for Untrusted Cloud Environments
Ada Lerner CNS-1948344 Understanding and Addressing the Security and Privacy Needs of At-Risk Populations
Jun Li 1564348, 1564250, 1564039 Collaborative: Online Social Network Fraud and Attack Research and Identification
Zhou Li 2039634 Multi-Level Attack and Defense Simulation Environment for Artificial Intelligence Education and Research
Frank Li 2055549 SaTC: CORE: Small: Understanding, Analyzing, and Improving Password Authentication Practices across the Web
Qinghua Li 1751255 Towards Automated Security Vulnerability and Patch Management for Power Grid Operations
Dan Lin 2027398, 2027114 Self-Learning and Self-Evolving Detection of Altered, Deceptive Images and Videos
Hui Lin 2144513 PARP: Mislead Physical-Disruption Attacks by Preemptive Anti-Reconnaissance for Power Grids' Cyber-Physical Infrastructures
Heather Lipford 1814110, 1814068, 1814439 Leveraging Community Oversight to Enhance Collective Efficacy for Privacy and Security
Ling Liu 2038029 Privacy Enhancing Techniques and Innovations for AI-Cybersecurity Cross Training
Yao Liu 2024300 Creating Content Verification Tools to Protect Document Integrity
Wenjing Lou 1916902, 1916926 Toward Enforceable Data Usage Control in Cloud-based IoT Systems
Lannan Luo CNS-1953073 SaTC: CORE: Small: Semantics-Oriented Binary Code Analysis Learning from Recent Advances in Deep Learning
Siwei Lyu 2153112 SaTC: CORE: Small: Combating AI Synthesized Fake Media Beyond Detection
Hemanta Maji 2055605 SaTC: CORE: Small: Optimal Coin-flipping Protocols
Hafiz Malik 1815724, 1816019 Forensic Examiner: Testbed for Benchmarking Digital Audio Forensic Algorithms
Hafiz Malik 2035770 Linking2Source: Security of In-Vehicle Networks via Source Identification
Athina Markopoulou 1956393, 1955227, 2103439, 1956435 ProperData: Protecting Personal Data Flow on the Internet
Florence Martin 2015554 Digital Safety Immersion for Elementary School Students
Amirreza Masoumzadeh 2047623 CAREER: Black-Box Learning of Web Application Authorization Policies
Aaron Massey 1938121 Enabling Regulatory Compliance for Software Engineering
Michelle Mazurek 1801545, 1801633 Understanding Security in the Software Development Lifecycle: A Holistic, Mixed-Methods Approach
Patrick McDaniel 1805310 The Center for Trustworthy Machine Learning
Muhammad Taqi Raza Mehdi CNS-2051621 Automatic Exploits Detection and Mitigation for Industrial Control System Protocols
Hoda Mehrpouyan 1846493 CAREER: Formal TOols foR SafEty aNd Security of Industrial Control Systems (FORENSICS)
Peihan Miao 2055358 SaTC: CORE: Small: Expanding the Realm of Oblivious Transfer: New Tools for Cryptography
Stephen Miller CNS-2124692 Lattices, number theory, and distribution questions in cryptography
Andrew Miller 2112726, 2112751 Hybridizing Trusted Execution Environments and Secure Multiparty Computation
Jiang Ming 2128703 SaTC: CORE: Small: A Transparent and Customizable Android Container-Based Virtualization Architecture for Dynamic Malware Analysis
Jelena Mirkovic 1815495 SaTC: CORE: Small: Hardening Systems Against Low-Rate DDoS Attacks
Prabhat Mishra 1936040 SaTC: CORE: Small: Trustworthy System-on-Chip Design using Secure On-Chip Communication Architecture
Tyler Moore 1652610 CAREER: Developing Robust Longitudinal Indicators and Early Warnings of Cybercrime
Chrystalla Mouza 1821794 Cybersecurity Education Using Interactive Storytelling with Social Robots
Frank Mueller 1813004 T-Sys & T-Pack: Intrusion Detection for CPS
Manohar Murthi 2123635, 2123618 Multi-Disciplinary Analyses of the Nature and Spread of Unverified Information Online
Adwait Nadkarni 1815336 SaTC: CORE: Small: Enabling Systematic Evaluation of the Soundness of Android Security Analysis Techniques
Hoda Naghibijouybari 2130978 SaTC: CORE: Small: Microarchitectural side channel attacks and defenses in integrated CPU-GPU systems
Tempestt Neal 2039373, 2039379 Toward Age-Aware Continuous Authentication on Personal Computing Devices
Ida Ngambeki 1934269, 1934279, 1934285 An Assessment Driven Approach to Self-Directed Learning in Secure Programming (SecTutor)
Nick Nikiforakis 1941617 CAREER: Tools and Techniques for Preserving Integrity on the Web
Nick Nikiforakis 1813974 SaTC: CORE: Small: Understanding, Measuring, and Defending against Malicious Web Crawlers
Rui Ning 2153358 CRII: SaTC: Backdoor Detection, Mitigation, and Prevention in Deep Neural Networks
Chandra Orrill 2114981 Opening Doors for Cybersecurity & AI: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Engaging Middle School Students
Laura Osburn 1932769 Medium: Knowledge Work and Coordination to Improve O&M and IT Collaboration to Keep Our Buildings Smart AND Secure
Balaji Palanisamy 2020071 Blockchain-based Mechanisms for Timed Data Release and Timed Transactions
Anand Panangadan 2125654 SCC-IRG Track 2: Designing and Testing Remote Services to Support Formerly Homeless Persons in Permanent Housing
Omkant Pandey 2028920 SaTC: CORE: Small: Nested Black-Box Constructions in Cryptography
Charalampos Papamanthou 1652259 Efficient and Secure Distributed Consensus
Bryan Parno 1801369, 1801321 Automated Support for Writing High-Assurance Smart Contracts
Yilang Peng 2150723 Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Small: Understanding How Visual Features of Misinformation Influence Credibility Perceptions
Roberto Perdisci 2126641 Defending Against Social Engineering Attacks with In-Browser AI
Alfredo Perez 1950416 An REU Site in Security and Privacy for Mobile Sensing and the IoT
Hai Phan CNS-1935928, 1935923 When Adversarial Learning Meets Differential Privacy: Theoretical Foundation and Applications
James Pierce 1910218, 2142795 Multidisciplinary Design Approaches to IoT Privacy and Security
Michalis Polychronakis 2104148 SaTC: CORE: Small: Selective Data Protection against Data-oriented and Transient Execution Attacks
Atul Prakash 2039445 Identifying Educational Conceptions and Challenges in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
Viktor Prasanna 2104264 Accelerating Privacy Preserving Deep Learning for Real-time Secure Applications
Calton Pu 2039653 Live Reality: Sustainable and Up-to-Date Information Quality in Live Social Media through Continuous Evidence-Based Knowledge
Yanjun Qi CNS-124538 Generalizing Adversarial Examples in Natural Language: White-box Testing of NLP models with Mask Neuron Coverage
Mizanur Rahman 2104999 CRII: SaTC: Cyber Resilient Localization and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles
Akond Rahman 2026869 eSLIC: Enhanced Security Static Analysis of Configuration Scripts
Ajita Rattani 2129173 Probing Fairness of Ocular Biometrics Methods Across Demographic Variations
Indrakshi Ray CNS-1715458 Detecting and Reconstructing Network Anomalies and Intrusions in Heavy Duty Vehicles
Julia Rayz 2039605 EAGER: SaTC-EDU: AI-based Humor-Integrated Social Engineering (SE) Training
Bradley Reaves CNS-1849994 CRII: SaTC: Techniques for Measuring and Characterizing Robocalls
Aunshul Rege 2032292 SaTC: EDU: Educating STEM Students and Teachers about the Relevance of Social Engineering in Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity
Matthew Reimherr SES-1853209 Formal Privacy for Complex Data Objects
Ling Ren 2143058 CAREER: Algorithms Foundations of Blockchains
Yi Ren 2101052 SaTC: Core: Small: Decentralized Attribution and Secure Training of Generative Models
Franziska Roesner 2041894 Studying Problematic Content in the Web Advertising Ecosystem
Franziska Roesner 1651230 CAREER: Towards Secure Augmented Reality Platforms
Jennie Rogers 2016240, 2016393 Quicksilver: A Write-Oriented Private, Outsourced Database Management System
Jerzy Rozenblit CNS-1615890 SAFES: A Software-based Architecture for Ensuring Security and Resilience in Medical Device Design
Alexander Russell 1801487 Theory and Practice of Cryptosystems Secure Against Subversion
Goel Sanjay 1912874 Thwarting the Malicious Insider Evolution Process: The Theory of Strained Betrayal
Armin Sarabi 20122001 A Deep Learning Framework for Intelligent Active and Passive Measurements in the Age of Internet of Things
Ioannis Savidis CNS-1751032 Parameter Obfuscation: A Novel Methodology for the Protection of Analog Intellectual Property
Jarecki Saxena 2030575 Intrusion-Tolerant Outsourced Storage for Cyber-Infrastructure (TTP: Medium)
Alessandra Scafuro 1717067, 1764025 A Broad Treatment of Privacy in Blockchains
Patrick Schaumont 1931639 SaTC: CORE: Small: Finding and Mitigating Side-channel Leakage in Embedded Architectures
David Schuster 1553018 CAREER: Understanding the Cognitive Processes of Computer Network Defense
Alexander Schwarzmann 2131538 A Robust Framework with Rigorous Semantics and Security Guarantees for Election-Day Voter Check-in
Kent Seamons 1816929 Usable Key Management and Forward Secrecy for Secure Email
Vyas Sekar 1564009 Handling a Trillion Unfixable Flaws on Billions of Internet-of-Things
R Sekar 1918667 RADAR: Real-time Advanced Detection and Attack Reconstruction
Hossain Shahriar 2100115 Authentic Learning of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity with Portable Hands-on Labware
Micah Sherr CNS-1925497 Expanding Research Frontiers with a Next-Generation Anonymous Communication Experimentation (ACE) Framework
Weisong Shi CNS-1928331, 1928349 SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: Hardware-assisted Plausibly Deniable System for Mobile Devices
Katie Shilton 2131508 Community-Centered Design of Automated Content Moderation
Vitaly Shmatikov 1916717 Spinning Language Models: Risks of Propaganda-as-a-Service and Countermeasures
Tao Shu 2006998 Enabling Privacy-Preserving Routing-on-Context in IoT
Craig Shue 1814402 Fine-Grained Protection for Scalable Single-use Services
Akbar Siami Namin 1564293 SBE: Medium: User-Centric Design of a Sonification System for Automatically Alarming Security Threats and Impact
Akbar Siami Namin 1821560 SaTC: EDU: Improving Student Learning and Engagement in Digital Forensics through Collaborative Investigation of Cyber Security Incidents and Simulated Capture-The-Flag Exercises
Yasin Silva 2036127 BullyBlocker - Interdisciplinary Models to Identify and Understand Cyberbullying
Alice Silverberg 1703321, 1701567, 1701785 An Algebraic Approach to Secure Multilinear Maps for Cryptography
Radu Sion 2052951 SATC: CORE: Small: Efficient Plausible Deniability Systems
Rebecca Slayton 1553069 Enacting Cybersecurity Expertise
Linhai Song CNS-1955965 Understanding and Detecting Memory Bugs in Rust
WenZhan Song 2019311 Cyber-threat Detection and Diagnosis in Multistage Manufacturing Systems through Cyber and Physical Data Analytics
Houbing Song 1956193 SaTC: EDU: Collaborative: Bolstering UAV Cybersecurity Education through Curriculum Development with Hands-on Laboratory Framework
Drew Springall 2115025 EAGER: Transformative Educational Approaches to Meld Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Mindsets
Anna Squicciarini CNS-2029976, 2029881 Collaborative research: SaTC: Core: Small: Privacy protection of Vehicles Location in Spatial Crowdsourcing Under Realistic Adversarial Models
Meera Sridhar 1947295 Enhancing Security Education in Hybrid Mobile and Internet of Things Firmware Through Inclusive, Engaging, Learning Modules (E-SHIIELD)
Sudarshan Srinivasan 2117190 SaTC: CORE: Small: Formal Verification Techniques For Microprocessor Security Vulnerabilities and Trojans
Katherine Stange CNS-1652238 CAREER: Research and Education: Number Theory, Geometry and Cryptography
Kate Starbird 2120496 Rapid-Response Frameworks for Mitigating Online Disinformation
Kevin Steinmetz 1916284 SaTC: Core: Small: Collaborative: Understanding Law-Enforcement Cyber Investigations
Alley Stoughton 1801564 Towards Mechanized Proofs of Composable Security Properties
Gianluca Stringhini 2114407 Detecting Accounts Involved in Influence Campaigns on Social Media
Megan Stubbs-Richardson 2031246 RAPID: Analyses of Emotions Expressed in Social Media and Forums During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Cynthia Sturton 1816637 SaTC STARSS: Tackling the Corner Cases: Finding Security Vulnerabilities in CPU Designs
Xiaoyan Sun 2105801 Developing Ready-to-Use Hands-on Labs with Portable Operating Environments for Digital Forensics Education
Shreyas Sundaram CNS-1718637 The Impacts of Human Decision-Making on Security and Robustness of Interdependent Systems
Daniel Takabi 2006329 SaTC: CORE: Small: An Attribute-based Insider Threat Mitigation Framework
Daniel Takabi 2054968 SaTC: EDU: Secure and Private Artificial Intelligence
Ravi Tandon 1715947 SaTC: CORE: Small: Robust Physical Layer Security with Channel Knowledge Uncertainty
Yuzhe Tang 1922507 SaTC: CORE: Small: External Obliviousness in Trusted Execution Environments
Yuzhe Tang 2104532 Collaborative Research: SaTC: EDU: Developing Instructional Laboratories for Blockchain Security Applications
Unal Tatar 1948261 CRII: SaTC: Graph-based Probabilistic Cyber Risk Modeling
Himanshu Thapliyal 1845448 CAREER: Utilizing Principles of Energy Recovery Computing for Low-Energy and DPA-Resistant IoT Devices
Yuan Tian 1943100 CAREER: Secure Voice-Controlled Platforms
Andrew Tolmach 2048499 Specifying and Verifying Secure Compilation of C Code to Tagged Hardware
Stavros Tripakis 1801546, 1801342, 1801399 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Bridging the Gap Between Protocol Design and Implementation through Automated Mapping
Timothy Tsai 1948531 A Cross-Verification Approach for Identifying Tampered Audio
Michael Carl Tschantz 2055772, 2055773 Narrowing The Gap Between Privacy Expectations and Reality in Mobile Health
Guan-Hua Tu 1815636 Side-channel Attacks Against Mobile Users: Singularity Detection, Behavior Identification, and Automated Rectification
Carlene Turner 1956428 Excellence in Research - The Impact of Cybersecurity Policies on Employees' Efficiency and Performance Predictability
Jonathan Ullman 2120603, 2120611, 2120667, 2120544 Foundations for the Next Generation of Private Learning Systems
Blase Ur 2047827 CAREER: Usable, Data-Driven Transparency and Access for Consumer Privacy
Krishna Venkatasubramanian 1947022 SaTC: CORE: Small: Authentication Solutions for Individuals with Upper Extremity Impairment
Christelle Vincent DMS-1802323 Applications to Cryptography of the Construction of Curves from Modular Invariants
Jessica Vitak 1951688 SaTC EDU: Collaborative: Connecting Contexts: Building Foundational Digital Privacy and Security Skills for Elementary School Ch
Ting Wang 1953893 Trustworthy Machine Learning from Untrusted Models
Boyang Wang 1947913 CRII: SaTC: Fingerprinting Encrypted Voice Traffic on Smart Speakers
Gang Wang 2055233 SaTC: CORE: Small: Towards Label Enrichment and Refinement to Harden Learning-based Security Defenses
Gang Wang 2030521 CAREER: Machine Learning Assisted Crowdsourcing for Phishing Defense
Yang Wang 2114991 Teach High School Students about Cybersecurity and AI Ethics via Empathy-Driven Hands
Yang Wang 1652497 Inclusive Privacy and Security for People with Visual Impairments (PVI)
XiaoFeng Wang 1801432, 1850725, 1801652 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Understanding and Discovering Emerging Cybercrimes through Automatic Analysis of Online Text
Shuo Wang 1812071 SaTC: TTP: Medium: Collaborative: RESULTS: Reverse Engineering Solutions on Ubiquitous Logic for Trustworthiness and Security
Tao Wei 2027069 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Introducing DIVOT: A Novel Architecture for Runtime Anti-Probing/Tampering on I/O Buses
Sheng Wei 1912593 Security of Heterogeneous CPU-FPGA Systems
Jin Wei-Kocsis 2114974 EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Cybersecurity Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: A Novel Proactive and Collaborative Learning Paradigm
Eliane Wiese 2041960 EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Teaching Security in Undergraduate AI with Transparency and Contextualization
Eric Williams 2037535 SaTC: CORE: Small: Managing Privacy and Environment for Used and End-of-Life Electronic Devices
Jake Williams 1850014 Moderating Effects of Automation on Information Transmission in Social Forums
Laurie Williams 2055554 SaTC: CORE: Small: Risk-based Secure Checked-in Credential Reduction for Software Development
Laurie Williams 1909516 SHF: Small: Detecting the 1%: Growing the Science of Vulnerability Detection
Shomir Wilson 2105736 A Large-Scale, Longitudinal Resource to Advance Technical and Legal Understanding of Textual Privacy Information
Damon Woodard 2131480 SaTC: I-C-U: AI-Enabled Recovery and Assurance of Semiconductor IP from SEM Images
David Wu 2151131 SaTC: CORE: Small: Expanding the Frontiers of Lattice-Based Cryptography
Xusheng Xiao 2028748 Scalable Cyber Attack Investigation using Declarative Queries and Interrogative Analysis
Jiafeng Xie 2020625 SaTC: CORE: Small: Fast Algorithm Originated Fault Detection Scheme for Ring-LWE based Cryptographic Hardware
Li Xiong 2124104 PREMED: Privacy-Preserving and Robust Computational Phenotyping using Multisite EHR Data
Weifeng Xu 2039289 Exploring Visualized and Explainable AI to Improve Students' Learning Experience in Digital Forensics Education
Dianxiang Xu 1954327 TWC: Small: Benchmarking Testing Methods for Access Control Policies
Shouhuai Xu 2122631 A Framework for Enhancing the Resilience of Cyber Attack Classification Mechanisms
Jun Xu 2213727 Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: Rethinking Fuzzing for Security
Dongpeng Xu 1948489 Simplification of Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic Obfuscated Expression
Qiben Yan 1950171 Interactive Attack on Smartphone Voice Systems
Mengjia Yan 2046359 A Quantitative Framework for Analyzing and Mitigating Microarchitectural Side Channels
Baijian Yang 1820573, 1820608 CHEESE: Cyber Human Ecosystem of Engaged Security Education
Danfeng Yao 1929701 SaTC: TTP: Medium: Collaborative: Deployment-quality and Accessible Solutions for Cryptography Code Development
Fan Yao 2019536, 2019548 SaTC: Small: Understanding and Taming Deterministic Model Bit Flip Attacks in Deep Neural Networks
Attila A Yavuz 1917627 CAREER: Lightweight and Fast Authentication for Internet of Things
Tuba Yavuz CNS-1942235 CAREER: Towards a Secure and Reliable Internet of Things through Automated Model Extraction and Analysis
Arkady Yerukhimovich 1955620, 1955264, 1955319 New Approaches for Large Scale Secure Computation
Heng Yin 1719175 Towards Robust and Scalable Search of Binary Code and Data
Man-Ki Yoon 1945541 SaTC: CORE: Small: Partition-Oblivious Real-Time Hierarchical Scheduling
Jeffrey Yost 2022484 EAGER: Mining a Useable Past: Perspectives, Paradoxes, & Possibilities in Security and Privacy
Chansu Yu 2028397 SaTC: EDU: Transdisciplinary Cybersecurity Education for Law and Engineering Students
Philip Yu 1930941 Learning Dynamic and Robust Defenses Against Co-Adaptive Spammers
Qiaoyan Yu 1652474 CAREER: Proactive Defense Methods for Chip Integrity and Security
Qiaoyan Yu 2022279 SaTC:CORE:Small: Towards Securing the Hardware and Software for Approximate Computing Systems
Shucheng Yu 1817438 Toward Usable and Ubiquitous Trust Initialization and Secure Networking in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Shuhan Yuan 2103829 SaTC: CORE: Small: Deep Learning for Insider Threat Detection
Qiang Zeng CNS-1856380 SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: Enabling Precise and Automated Insecurity Analysis of Middleware on Mobile Platforms
Zhenkai Zhang CNS-2147217 SaTC: CORE: Small: Leveraging Physical Side-Channel Information to Build Detection-Based Rowhammer Defenses
Danfeng Zhang 1956032 Automatic Software Patching against Microarchitectual Attacks
Ziming Zhao 2037798 Securing Internet of Things Against Cache-based Attacks
Yanbin Zhao 1949650 SaTC: CORE: Medium: Hidden Rules in Neural Networks as Attacks and Adversarial Defenses
Zizhan Zheng CNS-1816495 SaTC: CORE: Small: Towards Robust Moving Target Defense: A Game Theoretic and Learning Approach
Qian Zhiyun 1953932, 1953933 SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: Deep and Efficient Dynamic Analysis of Operating System Kernels
Hai Zhou 2113704 Efficient Logic Encryptions for Hardware IP Protection
Lina Zhou 1917537 Implicit One-handed Mobile User Authentication by Induced Thumb Biometrics on Touch-screen Handheld Devices
Sebastian Zimmeck 2055196 Improving Internet Privacy with Global Privacy Control (GPC)
Rae Zimmerman 2122060 Understanding Human Misperception of Cyber Risks and Integrative Design of Human-Centered Intervention Mechanisms: Component
Cliff Zou 1915780 SaTC: EDU: Collaborative: Building a Low-cost and State-of-the-art IoT Security Hands-on Laboratory
Xukai Zou DGE-2011117, 2011175 Building an Electronic Voting Technology Inspired Interactive Teaching and Learning Framework for Cybersecurity Education