Summer Exchange

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An important goal of the project is to help our students in understanding  the interdependence between technologies they design and operate, and the societal context in which these systems will exist. Our previous experience showed that the key elements of CPS education are:

  1. start early
  2. give broad foundations, and
  3. offer practical, highly motivating experience.

The societal dimension of Human-CPS (H-CPS) brings about additional challenges since, for most students, the societal context means “common sense” assumptions that are implicit, natural, and seemingly universal. The role of our proposed international collaboration is not only providing a unique opportunity to work in research labs in an other country, but also ensuring that our students are exposed to strongly different societal contexts and they get practical experience with scientific and technical approaches that make this context explicit and part of the system design process.


In summer 2020, three Vanderbilt students participated in remote internships under the advisement of joint US-German research groups.

  • Grant Bowlds
  • Maya Kumar
  • Eleanor Summerfield


In summer 2019, three Vanderbilt students and one UC Berkeley student participated in internships in Germany.

Vanderbilt students Brionna Davis, Grace Jennings, and Taylor Pothast were placed at TU Munich and worked under the supervision of Raphael Stern and Ilias Gerostathopoulos. Their project focused on Decentralized Optimization of Vehicle Route Planning.

Peru Dayani, an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, was placed at DLR/Brunswick under the supervision of Esther Bosche and Klas Ihme on F-RELACS. The project aimed to create an autonomous model to predict the frustration levels of drivers and/or passengers using facial video, pose video, EEG data, ECG data, skin conductance levels and eye tracking.

In addition to the Vanderbilt students who were placed abroad, three Vanderbilt students participated in internships at VU-ISIS. Md. Emazuddin Alif and Madison McClellan worked under the supervision of Dr. Gabor Karsai. Caleb Van Geffen worked in Professor Daniel Work's Transportation Cyber-Physical Systems Lab.