Visible to the public Hybrid Continuous-Discrete Computers for Cyber-Physical Systems


The goal of this research is to investigate and demonstrate the capabilities of hybrid computers, combining both discrete and continuous computation, in the context of cyber-physical systems. This goal is to be reached through research in several areas: (1) Hardware: we use modern silicon chip technology to bypass the problems that plagued analog computers in the past, merging analog computing hardware on the same chip with digital hardware, the latter used for control and co-computation, (2) Architecture: we devise methods for making computing functionality accessible to the software, (3) Microarchitecture: This involves choices on the granularity, type and organization of analog and hybrid functional units, and (4) Application to a realistic cyber-physical system. This is a collaborative project between researchers from Columbia University and The University of Texas at Austin.

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Hybrid Continuous-Discrete Computers for Cyber-Physical Systems