Visible to the public CPS: Breakthrough: Energy and Delay: Network Optimization in Cyber Physical Human Sensing Systems

This project aims to investigate energy and delay sensitive sensing, communication, decision-making and control in the context of cyber physical systems. We particularly focus on systems where sensors with varying accuracy observe heterogeneous source signals that must be processed and communicated and used for inference and decision-making purposes. All of these operations must be carried out in the presence of constraints on power and energy resources at the sensors, limited communication and computational abilities and with low end-to-end delay between the sensing of information to its eventual utilization. The poster focuses on two problems in line with these objectives: (a) minimax estimation of an uncertain process with the goal of keeping the worst possible estimation error small at all time instants, (b) decentralized and observation-driven scheduling and estimation for limited-energy sensors sharing a communication channel.

Creative Commons 2.5
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