Visible to the public Exploring the Security Capabilities of Physical Layer Network Coding (PNC) in Wireless Networks


As the use of mobile, wireless computing devices continues to grow, so does concern with assuring that communications within these wireless networks are not vulnerable to various kinds of attacks. Physical-layer Network Coding (PNC) was developed as a means for improving communication in wireless networks. This project will conduct exploratory research to determine whether and how the use of PNC can be exploited to detect attacks. The work is organized into three tasks. The first task will identify capabilities to detect attacks and design corresponding mechanisms for differing network infrastructures and attacker models. Signal strength attacks, stealth attacks (Sybil and wormhole), and node localization through PNC will be the initial targets of study. The second task will study the detection accuracy of the proposed mechanisms and explore more complex network scenarios. The third task will develop simulations to model the attack detection mechanisms.

Award ID: 1143602

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