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Common Group Services

Group Members

  • File Repository (incl. revision control and version difference reports)
  • Group-Specific Calendar
  • Online Meetings (desktop sharing, document sharing, video, voice over IP)
  • Meeting Invites
  • Activity Stream - what's happening in the group recently?
  • Discussion Forums
  • Wiki
  • Group-Specific Search
  • Video Libraries
  • Subscriptions / Notifications

Group Managers

  • View Popular Content - i.e. page visit tracking
  • Group Invitations - invite others to join (either by VO username or email address)
  • Broadcast Emails to Constituents
  • Taxonomy Management
  • Revision Control (e.g roll back to a previous version of a document)
  • Quickly Spin Up Custom Web Forms
  • Configurable Access Policies
  • Customizable Look-and-Feel & Group Dashboard
    • Upcoming/Recent Events
    • News Items
    • Spotlight
    • Research Projects
    • Videos
    • custom content

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2012 CPS-VO NSF Reverse Site Visit Slides