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Dr. Ben Cook is currently acting senior manager of Sandia National Laboratories' Information and Cognitive Sciences Group, which focuses on exploratory research in data analytics, visualization, cognitive science and mathematical modeling. This group also provides stewardship of Sandia's Cyber Engineering Research Institute facility in New Mexico. Previously he was responsible for Sandia's Cyber Research and Education Department, and in that capacity he managed Sandia's Center for Cyber Defenders student internship program in New Mexico ( This innovative student internship program hosts about 30 students each summer from around the country for hands-on applied research projects in computer security. Over the past decade Ben has helped lead several prominent computer security research and development efforts, including the DHS LOGIIC intrusion detection demonstration project and the I3P's control system security program. Ben has a broad research background in systems engineering and security, including work in risk analysis, control system security, and modeling and simulation of cyber and physical systems. He has been an invited contributor to several national security and critical infrastructure R&D agendas. Ben holds a Sc.D. in Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Piloting a Secure System Design Competition
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