Visible to the public CAREER: EASE: Enhancing the Security of Pervasive Wireless Networks by Exploiting Location


The wireless systems allow users to move around and access the services from different locations while on the move. However, wireless security is often cited as a major technical barrier that must be overcome before widespread adoption of mobile services can occur. Traditional approaches have focused on addressing security threats on a case-by-case basis in an ad-hoc manner as new and specialized threats are uncovered. Furthermore, as wireless networks become increasingly pervasive, the ubiquity of wireless is redefining security challenges (e.g., attacks can be conducted by new and rapidly evolving adversaries with little effort). This project aims to exploit location-oriented information as a promising new dimension to complement conventional security solutions and enhance wireless security. In particular, our project addresses fundamental network threats that involve identity-compromise, which are considered as an important first step in an adversary's attempt to launch a variety of attacks, and access violations of network resources and services. A suite of location-enabled techniques is developed and integrated into wireless network stacks as a true partner to cope with attacks and collaboratively defend against adversaries. The solutions are developed generic enough to apply across heterogeneous mixes of wireless technologies through the interaction with industry collaborators. The project also strengthens the education and research of undergraduate and graduate students in related areas of wireless networks and security, and helps to prepare students to face the challenges of future information technology.

Award ID: 0954020

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CAREER: EASE: Enhancing the Security of Pervasive Wireless Networks by Exploiting Location
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