Visible to the public Multi-Resolution Model and Context Aware Information Networking for Cooperative Vehicle Efficiency and Safety Systems

Large scale deployment of connected and automated vehicles is impeded by significant technical and scientific gaps, especially when it comes to achieving real-time and high accuracy situational awareness for cooperating vehicles. This CAREER project aims at closing these gaps through developing fundamental information networking methodologies for coordinated control of automated systems. These methodologies are based on the innovative concept of modeled knowledge propagation. The approach is to utilize the novel concepts of model communication and its derived multi-resolution networking.


Visible to the public An Entropy Framework for Communications & Dynamics Interdependency in Cyber Physical Systems: Analysis, Design, Implementation

Overview: Communication networks, which convey system measurements from sensors to controllers, play a key role in cyber physical systems (CPSs) such as smart grids, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and robotic networks. In contrast to traditional communication networks such as the Internet or cellular networks, CPS communication networks aims at stabilizing or optimizing the physical dynamics, thus re-quiring new theoretical foundations and design methodologies.


Visible to the public Power Distribution System for Continuous Operation


Success of numerous long-term robotic network missions in space, air, ground, and water is measured by the ability of the robots to operate for extended time in highly dynamic and potentially hazardous operating environments. The proposed work responds to the urgency for development of innovative mobile power distribution systems that lower deployment and operating costs, while simultaneously increasing mission efficiency, and supporting the network's need to be responsive to changing physical conditions.