Visible to the public Cyber-Resilient Architectural Patterns

Cyber vulnerabilities are often discovered during penetration testing of new systems. Even worse, they may be discovered after a system has been fielded, necessitating extremely expensive and time-consuming remediation. This is not a sustainable development model. Experience shows that this approach is both ineffective (due to the incomplete nature of testing) and results in long and expensive rework cycles.


Visible to the public Safety Analysis of AMI Networks through Smart Fraud Detection

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is a critical part of a modern smart grid that performs the bidirectional data flow of sensitive power information such as smart metering data and control commands. The real-time monitoring and control of the grid are ensured through AMI. While smart meter data helps to improve the overall performance of the grid in terms of efficient energy management, it has also made the AMI an attractive target of cyberattackers with a goal of stealing energy.