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The third International Workshop – IWOCPS 3 took place on the 29-30th of May 2014, addressing theoretical, methodological and technological aspects in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems.
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March 13-14, 2014 | NIST Campus | Gaithersburg, Maryland Dedicated Smart Grid Testbeds (SG TBs) are being developed by industry, academia, and government laboratories to characterize smart grid equipment and systems and validate smart grid performance and standards. At this nascent stage, much needs to be done to develop shared understanding of needs, opportunities, and approaches for integrating testbed design and operation to achieve the full potential of the evolving smart gird.
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CPS Community Forum San Francisco, California, USA Note: Before attending the CPS Forum, attendees are strongly encouraged to read the CPS Executive Summary. Monday, April 13, 2009 1800 - 2030: CPS Forum Posters and Demos Wenesday, April 15, 2009 - Program Agenda
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