model-based design


Visible to the public Call for Papers: CyPhy’19 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

Call for Papers -- Extended Deadline

The Ninth International Workshop on Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (CyPhy'19)

October 17-18th, 2019 | New York, NY |

Part of ESWeek ( in NYC, NY. The conference will take place at the Kimmel Center for University Life.


Visible to the public Model-Based Grey-Box Fuzzing

Constraint solving technology can be used to generate tests from model-based system requirements. Such tests can be generated automatically and are capable of meeting even stringent MC/DC code coverage criteria required for DO-178C Level A certification. Given that high-quality safety-relevant behavioral tests can be generated from requirements-level models, perhaps a similar approach works for security-relevant testing as well.


Visible to the public Compositional System Modeling with Interfaces - COSMOI


Design of cyber-physical systems today relies on executable models. Designers develop models, simulate them, find defects, and improve their designs before the system is built, thus greatly reducing the design costs.