My Contacts

Clicking the "My Contacts" link in the "My Tools" toggle menu will take you to an area where you can view or remove your contacts.

A link to your contact list can be found in the “My Tools” toggle menu.

A request to add someone as your contact can be sent by:

 1. clicking the plus sign next to their name on group member pages

  2. from “search for people” in the top navigation menu of the CPS-VO home page

     a. Enter name into keyword search navigation

     b. then click the plus next to the name of the person you would like to request to add as your contact.

 3. or by navigating to someone’s profile page and using the “Add Contact” link under the “My Tools” toggle menu on their page.

The “Contacts Activity Stream” shows beneath your profile information and can be found on your main profile page or by clicking on the “Contacts Activity Stream” link in the “My Tools” toggle menu.

The stream shows recent activity from people you have added to your contact network.

When you click on the "thumbs-up" icon at the bottom of a post or the "going" icon at the bottom of an event (as shown left),

your activity will populate the activity stream of the contacts in your network.