My Files

You can upload and edit media files to use in posts and pages that you create.

(e.g. logos, photographs, videos and compressed files)

  • Maximum file size per upload: 10 MB
  • Permitted file extensions: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, mp4, tgz
  • Maximum image resolution: 800x600
  • Maximum number of files per operation: 1

There are 3 ways to get to the file browser.

1. By selecting "My Files" in the "My Account" tab on the global menu at the top of the CPS-VO home page.

2. By clicking “My Files” in the “My Tools” toggle bar (located in the left sidebar of your Account page).

3. By clicking the image icon from within the rich text editor which you use to create or edit a page or a post.

Click the "Browse Server" button.

Once you are in the file browser, Upload a file via the "Upload" button.

Browse and choose a file from your computer and click the bottom upload button
Resize or delete a file by clicking it's name in the file list then clicking the corresponding icon in the light blue bar above the file list.