2022 Participant Guidance

 Meeting information will be handled through the meeting website at https://cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22. This site provides access to the meeting registration, program agenda, program sessions details, artifact submission webforms, virtual venue, and other important information. 

To register for the meeting, select the "Meeting Registration" tab on the meeting website. The nontransferable meeting registration code will be sent in the official invitation letter to each PI, Co-PI, other project personnel, and other official invited guests. Please complete your online registration by Monday, April 18th 2022 and submit presentations and posters no later than 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Each funded NRI-FRR project is required to be represented. We expect that at least one PI, Co-PI, or other approved designate from each project institution will attend each day of the meeting. It is therefore absolutely essential that you register to attend the meeting as soon as possible so that we can get an early understanding about attendance.

If you are the lead PI and cannot participate in this year's PI meeting, you are responsible for identifying the name of at least one alternate to serve as the project representative. Please remember that each project is expected to have at least one person present for each day of the meeting. In this case, please send an email message to 2022 PI meeting co-chairs, Marynel Vázquez (Yale) (marynel.vazquez@yale.edu) and Kostas Bekris (Rutgers) (kb572@cs.rutgers.edu), and copy Juan Wachs (NSF) (jwachs@nsf.gov), Erion Plaku (NSF) (eplaku@nsf.gov), and Frankie King (frankie.king@vanderbilt.edu) to provide the name of the person who will be attending; then inform this person to register for the meeting at https://archive.cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22/Registration

There is no "registration fee" for the meeting, but it is still very important for you to register by the date mentioned. Please be sure to enter accurately the agency award number and the award project title for the NRI-FRR project the attendee will represent if such project exists.

Program Planning 

A major goal of NRI-FRR PI Meetings is to highlight progress of research on an annual basis. For this year's meeting, a preliminary program agenda is posted to the website at: https://cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22/program-agenda. Sessions are designed to maximize the PI community's active participation and input, including keynotes, PI short talks, PI long talks, age.t of the 2022 NRI-FRR PI Meeting. These artifacts can be found at https://cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22/virtual-venue.

Project Talks

If you are invited to give a presentation, whether a project short talk  or long talk, you will receive an individual message with details from the meeting organizers. You can find additional details (e.g., submission deadlines, links to the list of PIs who are required to give a talk, presentation templates, etc.) at: https://cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22/presenter-guidance.

Poster Sessions

A total of six poster sessions (two per day) are programmed over the three-day meeting. All PIs of active NRI and FRR projects, including those in NCE, should prepare one poster per project whether it be a collaborative or independent. Each poster will be assigned to one poster session, meaning that, if a PI has more than one award, each will require a separate poster. 

Posters should explain research by all collaborators and note all award numbers, institutions, and names of PIs/Co-Ps. The lead PI or alternate(s) for each project is responsible for submission of electronic copies via the "Submit Poster" tab or at https://archive.cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22/submitposters no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. 

Posters will be uploaded into Gather.town by the meeting organizers. The electronic versions will be posted to the website. The electronic copy must be submitted in PDF file format.

Templates for preparing posters can be found at: https://archive.cps-vo.org/group/nri-pimtg22/poster-template.

All poster sessions will take place within the Gather.town platform. Within Gather, presenters will navigate to their virtual poster booth and present to those attendees who visit their booth.

Navigating from Hopin to Gather and Back to Hopin:

  • To get to the Poster Sessions, you may jump over to Gather Town using the link found in the Networking/Posters tab via the navigation panel on the left of the screen.   
  • Depending on your computer, you could receive a message box with link to leave Hopin. If so, please click the link to arrive at a landing page where you will find the Poster Session/Networking banner image. Click this image and a blue colored "Hop Over to Gather" link will appear at bottom right of the screen for you to click.
  • You will arrive at a Gather landing page where you will be asked to enter the password that will be provided via Hopin Chat on day one of the PI Meeting.  
  • After submitting the password, you will arrive at a Gather landing page where you will find your avatar. Enter your name to link to your avatar, then click on the green link that reads “Join the Gathering”. 
  • You will then arrive at a page where you will have the opportunity to click on the tutorial link to the right of the screen to help with navigation or you can click on the link to skip this step. 
  • To move your avatar, use the up-down/left-right keys on your computer. 
  • Once in Gather, toward the bottom of the screen, you will see six (6) doors labeled A, B, C, D, E, and F representing each of the six (6) poster sessions where you can move your avatar to enter. All sessions doors are conveniently viewable in one room.  
  • You will also see a Help Desk at the top of the screen that will be manned by a Vanderbilt team member, if needed.
  • After leaving a Poster Session room, you can head back to Hopin at any time by simply navigating your avatar to the white arrow and footsteps pointing to the “Hopin/Plenary Sessions” found to the left of the screen where you will enter the Gather lobby. Press “X” on your computer to get back to the link to reenter Hopin. Click the link to return to the Hopin lobby.