Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: Self-Sustainable Data-Driven Systems In the Field


Data-driven intelligence is an essential foundation for physical systems in transportation safety and efficiency, area surveillance and security, as well as environmental sustainability. While sophisticated data analysis and synthesis can be well supported in large data centers, future intelligent systems require on-the-scene processing with faster responses and less dependence on the unreliable (often wireless) data communications in the field. Field processing must consume low power for easy deployment and self-sustainability. The combination of high- volume data processing with low-power computing and I/O creates critical challenges for future intelligent systems. In this project, supercapacitors are architected to be the sole energy buffer for a field system, allowing new ways to perform energy-aware computation. Due to the excellent predictability of their "remaining energy," supercapacitors provide a superior alternative to rechargeable batteries for energy buffering. Additionally, their near-infinite charge/discharge lifetime (~100,000 as compared to only ~3,000 for batteries) provides a new alternative to construct near-zero-maintenance field systems which can be deployed in areas where continuous maintenance is too costly or impossible.

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CPS: Synergy: Self-Sustainable Data-Driven Systems In the Field