Visible to the public Executable Distributed Medical Best Practice Guidance System for Emergency Care from Rural to Regional Center Hospitals


The project is to develop an Executable Medical Best Practice Guidance (EMBG) system to assist the adherence of stroke patient care at a rural hospital to the best medical practice as if the patient care is at a regional hospital. The EMBG system is adaptive to the changing needs of stroke patients and physical resource availability, similar to a GPS-enabled navigation system that can adapt to driver's preference and accommodate road condition changes. The safety of the EMBG system is built upon formal theoretical verifications and clinical validations in collaboration with medical doctors and emergency care personals. The breakthroughs the project will make are: 1) The codification of complex medical knowledge in the form of executable disease and organ automata; 2) Patho-physiological model driven communications in ensuring open-loop safety for life critical applications; and 3) Reduced complexity software architectures designed for formal verifications and for bridging the gap between formal method research and system engineering.

Creative Commons 2.5
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