Visible to the public Networking Infrastructure of Secured Cyber-Physical Systems


Our project aims at developing techniques for secured real-time services for cyber-physical systems. In the first phase of the project, our research has incorporated real-time traffic modeling techniques into the security service, consequently enhancing both system security and real-time capabilities in an adverse environment.

In the second phase of the project, we are investigating issues related to the system architecture so that the security and real-time services can be better provided. In this poster, we present our latest discovery. We pay special attention to the networking infrastructure of the systems. We argue that in the networking infrastructure, physical objects should be seamlessly integrated into an Internet-like system so that the physical objects can interact each other and to cyber-agents in order to achieve mission-critical objectives. We present in this poster several approaches that may lead to implementation of CPS networking infrastructure and analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

Award ID: 1059127

Creative Commons 2.5