Visible to the public Medical Device Coordination Framework

Dr. John Hatcliff is a University Distinguished Professor at Kansas State University in the Computing and Information Sciences Department, where he leads the Laboratory for Static ANalysis and Transformation of Software (SAnToS). His research areas include software engineering, formal methods, static analysis, programming language-based security, software certification, and medical device development and integration. SAnToS research projects are current funded by the NSF Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Safe and Trustworthy Computing, FDA Scholar-in-Residence, and Scholarship for Service programs. He has been a principal investigator on a number of DoD-funded projects from agencies such as the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Army Research Office, and DARPA. His research has also been supported by the National Science Foundation, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Intel, and IBM. In work related to current CPS funding, Hatcliff collaborates with CIMIT's Medical Device Plug-n-Play Interoperability Project led by Dr. Julian Goldman and leads a architecture working group in the AAMI / UL 2800 safety standard committee for medical device interoperability.

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Medical Device Coordination Framework