Visible to the public Dissipation of Stop and Go Waves

This is a test for creating a project to recreate the Dissipation of Stop and Go Waves.

Visible to the public Prerelease version 3.0.1 now available

We are bringing the newest version of CAT Vehicle Testbed simulator that is compatible with ROS Melodic and Ubuntu 18.04. It works seamlessly with Gazebo 9.0. Check out the latest version on our GitHub page

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Visible to the public Enabling Multimodal Sensing, Real-time Onboard Detection and Adaptive Control for Fully Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems

The goal of this proposed research project is to achieve true onboard autonomy in real time for small UAVs in the absence of remote control and external navigation aids. Three major areas have been explored. In the area of UAV flight control, an automatic trajectory generation framework is developed. It consists of waypoint planning at upper level and LQR based trajectory generation in the lower level. The Deep reinforcement learning based framework reduces the control trust by more than 15% with much less computing complexity compared to state-of-the-art approaches.