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2019 SaTC PI Meeting Project Highlight Slides

# Lead PI Name Project Highlight Slide Title Award Number
1 Nael Abu-Ghazaleh Practical Hardware-Assisted Always-On Malware Detection 1619322, 1617915
2 Navid Asadi PHIKS - PHysical Inspection and attacKs on electronicS 1821780
3 Kiran Balagani Leveraging Movement, Posture, and Anthropometric Contexts to Strengthen the Security of Mobile Biometrics 1814846
4 Rajeev Balasubramonian Efficient Hardware-Aware and Hardware-Enabled Algorithms for Secure In-Memory Databases 1718834
5 Alexandru Bardas Creating and Managing Structurally-Morphing IT Systems - Moving Targets 1850406
6 Alexandru Bardas A Sociotechnical Metrics Framework for Network and Security Operation Centers 1915824, 1915822
7 Lujo Bauer Better defenses through adversarial learning 1801391, 1801494
8 Terry Benzel Sharing Expertise and Artifacts for Reuse through Cybersecurity Community Hub (SEARCCH) 1925773
9 Nicola Bezzo Online Malicious Intent Inference for Safe CPS Operations under Cyber-attacks 1816591
10 Antonio Bianchi Vetting and Improving the Usage of Trusted Execution Environments for Authentication in Mobile Devices 1949632
11 Jean-Francois Biasse Algebraic Methods for the Computation of Approximate Short Vectors in Ideal Lattices 1846166
12 Jean-Francois Biasse Quantum-Safe Cryptosystems Based on Isogenies 1839805
13 Matthieu Bloch Towards Stealth Networks Fundamental Limits and Algorithms for Stealth Communications 1527387
14 Laurin Buchanan CyberMiSTS: Curriculum to Broaden Participation in Cybersecurity for Middle School Teachers and Students 1821757
15 Kevin Butler Domain Informed Techniques for Detecting and Defending Against Malicious Firmware 1815883
16 L Jean Camp Understanding Socio-Technical Failure Modes in Public Key Infrastructures 1814518
17 L Jean Camp Living in the Internet of Things 1565252
18 Yinzhi Cao Preventing Web Side-channel Attacks via Atomic Determinism 1854001
19 Justin Cappos in-toto: Securing the Software Supply Chain 1801430
20 Alvaro Cardenas Practical Control Engineering Principles to Improve the Security and Privacy of Cyber-Physical Systems 1931573
21 David Chan-Tin Personalized Cybersecurity Education and Training 1919004
22 Sriram Chellappan A Privacy-preserving Meta-data Analysis Framework for Cyber Abuse Research - Foundations, Tools and Algorithms 1718071
23 Bo Chen Enabling Secure Data Recovery for Mobile Devices against Malicious Attacks 1938130
24 Hsinchun Chen Cybersecurity Big Data Research for Hacker Community: A Topic and Language Modeling Approach 1936370
25 Qi Chen Automated Security Analysis of Software-based Control in Emerging Smart Transportation Under Sensor Attacks 1850533
26 Yingying Chen Exploiting Physical Properties in Wireless Networks for Implicit Authentication 1717356
27 Stephen Chong Computing Over Distributed Sensitive Data 1565387
28 Nicolas Christin Toward Fully Automated Data-Driven Analysis of Web Censorship 1814817
29 Laura Dabbish Social Cybersecurity: Applying Social Influence to Improve Cybersecurity 1704087
30 Kapil Dandekar Software Defined Radio Framework for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Education 1723606
31 Anupam Das Analyzing Information Leak in Smart Homes 1849997
32 Azadeh Davoodi Analysis of Security and Countermeasures for Split Manufacturing of Integrated Circuits 1812600
33 Sara Eftekharnejad Securing Smart Power Grids under Data Measurement Cyber Threats 1600058
34 Fariborz Farahmand Neurobiological Basis of Decision Making in Online Environments 1358651
35 Yunsi Fei Automating Countermeasures and Security Evaluation against Software Side-channel Attacks 1563697
36 Yunsi Fei Protecting Confidentiality and Integrity of Deep Neural Networks against Side-channel and Fault Attacks 1929300
37 Joan Feigenbaum Hiding Hay in a Haystack: Integrating Censorship Resistance into the Mainstream Internet 1409599
38 Wu-chang Feng Curricula and CTF Exercises for Teaching Smart Fuzzing and Symbolic Execution 1821841
39 Domenic Forte iPROBE - An Internal Shielding Approach for Protecting against Frontside and Backside Probing Attacks 1717392
40 Michael Franz Hydra: Hybrid Defenses for Resilient Applications 1619211
41 Jessica Fridrich Steganography in Empirical Sources Using Acquisition Oracle 1561446
42 Sanjay Goel The New Security Calculus: Incentivizing Good User Security Behavior 1618212
43 Sanjay Goel Thwarting the Malicious Insider Evolution Process: The Theory of Strained Betrayal 1912874
44 Samuel Gordon New Protocols and Systems for RAM-Based Secure Computation 1564088, 1563722, 1562888
45 Vipul Goyal Transforming Non-Malleable Cryptography 1916939
46 Ronen Gradwohl Utilitarian Implications of Privacy Protections 1718670
47 Adam Groce Differentially Private Hypothesis Testing 1817245
48 Ian Harris Detecting Social Engineering Attacks Using Semantic Language Analysis 1813858
49 Willie Harrison Best Wiretap Codes for Real-world Physical-layer Security 1910812
50 Viet Tung Hoang Towards Stronger and Verified Security for Real-World Cryptography 1755539
51 Yuan Hong Privacy Preserving Cooperation among Microgrids for Efficient Load Management on the Grid 1745894
52 Nicholas Hopper Consistent and Private Group Communication 1814753
53 Nicholas Hopper Models and Measurements for Website Fingerprinting 1815757
54 Amir Houmansadr Sustainable Censorship Resistance Systems for the Next Decade 1553301
55 Fei Hu Big Data Security Education 1723250
56 Stratis Ioannidis Massively Scalable Secure Computation Infrastructure Using FPGAs 1717213
57 Ahmad Javaid INteractive VIsualization and PracTice basEd Cybersecurity Curriculum and Training (InviteCyber) Frame 1903419, 1903423
58 Niraj Jha SHARKS: Smart Hacks, Attacks, RisKs and Security in IoT based on Machine Learning 1617628
59 Limin Jia Towards a Usable, Practical, and Provably Secure Browser Infrastructure 1704542
60 Yier Jin Online Digital Forensics Courses and Labs for Students and Professionals 1802701
61 Yier Jin RESULTS: Reverse Engineering Solutions on Ubiquitous Logic for Trustworthiness and Security 1812071, 1703602
62 Zhanpeng Jin Brain Hacking: Assessing Psychophysiological and Computational Vulnerabilities in Brain-based Biometrics 1840790, 1564104
63 Gail Kaiser Toward Trustworthy Mutable Replay for Security Patches 1563555
64 Zbigniew Kalbarczyk Data-Driven Study of Attacks on Cyber-Physical Infrastructure Supporting Large Computing Systems 1816673
65 Faisal Kaleem CFEAR: Cyber Forensics Education through Augmented Reality 1500055
66 Chris Kanich Enabling Long-Term Security and Privacy through Retrospective Data Management 1801663
67 Eun Kim Wireless, Battery-less, Monolithic Tamper Detector for Semiconductor Chip Authenticity 1716953
68 Joerg Kliewer Communication under Adversarial Attacks in Complex Networks - Fundamental Limits and Secure Coding Strategies 1526547
69 Joerg Kliewer Covert/Secret and Efficient Message Transfer in (Mobile) Multi-Agent Environments 1815322
70 Oleg Komogortsev Eye Movement Biometrics in Virtual and Augmented Reality 171462
71 Cedric Langbort From Threat to Boon: Understanding and Controlling Strategic Information Transmission in Cyber-Socio-Physical 1619339
72 Aron Laszka Towards Efficient and Scalable Crowdsourced Vulnerability-Discovery using Bug-Bounty Programs 1850510
73 Loukas Lazos Secure Cloud Storage Verification Methods 1813401
74 Christopher Leberknight Neural Network Prediction of Censorable Language 1704113
75 Jun Li Online Social Network Fraud and Attack Research and Identification 1564348, 1564250, 1564039
76 Dan Lin iPrivacy: Automatic Recommendation of Personalized Privacy Settings for Image Sharing 1651455
77 Hui Lin Preempting Physical Damage from Control-related Attacks on Smart Grids' Cyber-physical Infrastructure 1850377
78 Heather Lipford Leveraging community oversight to enhance collective efficacy for security and privacy 1814110, 1814068, 1814439
79 Feng-Hao Liu Efficient Crypto Solutions for the Next Generation Applications 1657040
80 Hongbo Liu Security Assurance in Short Range Communication with Wireless Channel Obfuscation 1815908
81 Kangjie Lu MOSE: Automated Detection of Module-Specific Semantic Errors 1815621
82 Bo Luo Privacy Protection in Social Networks: Bridging the Gap Between User Perception and Privacy Enforcement 1422206
83 William Mahoney Evaluating Performance and Security of Executable Steganography for Surreptitious Programs 1811560, 1811578
84 Florence Martin Digital Citizenship for Middle Grades 1723746
85 Gerome Miklau Re[DP]: Realistic Data Mining Under Differential Privacy 1409143
86 Jiang Ming Towards Paving the Way for Large-Scale Malware Analysis: New Directions in Generic Binary Unpacking 1850434
87 Jelena Mirkovic Hardening Systems Against Low-Rate DDoS Attacks 1815495
88 Tanushree Mitra Designing Trustworthy and Transparent Information Platforms (News Platforms) 1915755
89 Tyler Moore Examining the Impact of Cybersecurity Shocks on Cryptocurrency Platforms 1714291
90 Tyler Moore Developing Robust Longitudinal Indicators and Early Warnings of Cybercrime 1714291
91 Adwait Nadkarni Enabling Systematic Evaluation of the Soundness of Android Security Analysis Techniques 1815336
92 Ida Ngambeki An Assessment Driven Approach to Self-Directed Learning in Secure Programming (SecTutor) 1934279, 1934269, 1934285
93 Nick Nikiforakis Understanding, Measuring, and Defending against Malicious Web Crawlers 1813974
94 Nick Nikiforakis Emerging Attacks Against the Mobile Web and Novel Proxy Technologies for Their Containment 1617593
95 Alina Oprea An Integrated Approach for Enterprise Intrusion Resilience 1717634
96 Michael Orshansky Simulation-Based Analysis of EM Side Channels in Embedded Systems: From Software to Fields 1901446
97 Laura Osburn Improving O&M and IT Collaboration to Keep our Buildings Smart and Secure 1932769
98 Xinming Ou Data-driven Approaches for Large-scale Security Analysis of Mobile Applications 1717862, 1717871, 1718214
99 Younghee Park Enhancing Security Education through Transiting Research on Security in Emerging Network Technologies 1723804
100 Bryan Parno Automated Support for Writing High-Assurance Smart Contracts 1801369, 1801321
101 Vishal Patel Presentation-Attack-Robust Biometrics Systems via Computational Imaging of Physiology and Materials 1801435, 1801372, 1801382
102 Sameer Patil Incorporating Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Learning Within Undergraduate Capstone Courses 1821782
103 Brian Payne Creating Cybersecurity Pathways Between Community Colleges and Universities 1914613
104 Roberto Perdisci Leveraging High-Density Internet Peering Hubs to Mitigate Large-Scale DDoS Attacks 1741608
105 Edoardo Persichetti Secure and Efficient Solutions for Post-Quantum Cryptography from Codes with Compact Representations 1906360
106 Jason Polakis Black-Box Flaw Discovery in Web Authentication and Authorization Mechanisms 1934597
107 Jules Polonetsky RCN: Applied Privacy Research Coordination Network: An Industry-Academic Network to Transition Promising Privacy Research to Practice 1837413
108 Michalis Polychronakis Combating Environment-aware Malware 1617902
109 Michalis Polychronakis Principled and Practical Software Shielding against Advanced Exploits 1749895
110 Dmitry Ponomarev Side Channels through Lower-Level Caches: Attacks, Defenses and Security Metrics 1422401
111 Donald Porter Attacking and Defending the Lifespan of Mobile and Embedded Flash Storage 1816263
112 Yanjun Qi Feature Squeezing: Detecting Adversarial Examples in Deep Neural Networks 1619098
113 Emilee Rader Designing a Coordination Mechanism for Managing Privacy as a Common-Pool Resource 1524296
114 Indrakshi Ray Detecting and Reconstructing Network Anomalies and Intrusions in Heavy Vehicles 1715458
115 Bradley Reaves Techniques for Measuring and Characterizing Robocalls 1849994
116 Franziska Roesner Towards Secure Augmented Reality Platforms 1651230
117 Atanas Rountev PrivAid: Differentially-Private Analytics for Android Apps 1907715
118 Jared Saia Proof of Work Without All the Work 1816250, 1816076
119 Brendan Saltaformaggio GEMINI: Guided Execution Based Mobile Advanced Persistent Threat Investigation 1755721
120 Sagar Samtani Identifying Emerging Threats in the Online Hacker Community for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence: A Diachronic Graph Convolutional Autoencoder Framework 1850362
121 Nitesh Saxena SPHINX: A Password Store that Perfectly Hides Passwords from Itself 1714807
122 Alessandra Scafuro A Broad Treatment of Privacy in Blockchains 1718074
123 David Schuster Understanding Human Cognition in Computer Network Defense 1553018
124 Vyas Sekar Handling a Trillion Unfixable Flaws on Billions of Internet-of-Things 1564009
125 Koushik Sen Machine Learning for Effective Fuzz Testing 1817122
126 Thomas Shrimpton API-centric Cryptography 1816375
127 Tao Shu Towards Securing Visible Light Communications 1745254
128 Akbar Siami Namin Improving Student Learning and Engagement in Digital Forensics through Collaborative Investigation of Cyber Securit 1821560
129 Akbar Siami Namin User-Centric Design of a Sonification System for Automatically Alarming Security Threats and Impact 1564293
130 Yasin Silva BullyBlocker - Identifying Cyberbullying in Social Networking Sites 1719722
131 Alice Silverberg An algebraic approach to secure multilinear maps for cryptography 1703321, 1701567, 1701785
132 Vivek Singh Early-Stage Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Fair and Accurate Information Quality Assessment Algorithm 1915790
133 Christian Skalka A New Approach to Federated Network Security 1717581, 1718036, 1718083
134 Geoffrey Smith Quantifying Information Leakage in Searchable Encryption 1749014
135 William Staples Digital Inequalities in the Heartland 1742815
136 Kevin Steinmetz Law-Enforcement Cyber Investigations: An In-Depth Qualitative Study 1916284
137 Kevin Steinmetz Technological Con-Artistry: An Analysis of Social Engineering 1616804
138 Scott Stoller Access Control Policy Mining and Management 1421893
139 Alley Stoughton Towards Mechanized Proofs of Composable Security Properties 1801564
140 Gookwon Suh Language-Hardware Co-Design for Practical and Verifiable Information Flow Control 1513797
141 Kun Sun Enhancing Container Security via Fine-Grained System Resource Constraints 1815650
142 Himanshu Thapliyal Utilizing Principles of Energy Recovery Computing for Low-Energy and DPA-Resistant IoT Devices 1845448
143 Stavros Tripakis Bridging the Gap between Protocol Design and Implementation through Automated Mapping 1801546
144 Guan-Hua Tu Side-channel Attacks Against Mobile Users: Singularity Detection, Behavior Identification, and Automated Rectification 1815636
145 A. Selcuk Uluagac Securing Sensory Side-Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems 1453647
146 A. Selcuk Uluagac Privacy-Aware Wearable-Assisted Continuous Authentication Framework 1718116
147 Krishna Venkatasubramanian A Suite of Authentication Solutions for Individuals with Upper Extremity Impairment 1901540, 1947022
148 Roopa Vishwanathan Automated Proof Generation and Verification for Attribute-based Cryptography 1800088
149 Kristen Walker An Exploratory Study of Technology Adoption in K-12: Educational Benefits vs Privacy Costs 1936837
150 Haining Wang Integrating Cybersecurity Education with Cloud Computing 1821744
151 Weichao Wang Developing Security Education Materials for Future Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Workforce 1523096
152 XiaoFeng Wang Understanding and Discovering Emerging Cybercrimes through Automatic Analysis of Online Text Traces 1801432
153 XiaoFeng Wang Safeguarding Mobile Cloud Services: New Challenges and Solutions 1618493
154 Yang Wang Predicting Personalized Privacy Preferences in the Smart Home 1464347
155 Yang Wang Cooperative Privacy and Security: Learning from People with Visual Impairments and Their Allies 1652497
156 Richard Wash Using Stories to Improve Computer Security Decision Making 1714126
157 Wujie Wen Invisible Shield: Can Compression Harden Deep Neural Networks Universally Against Adversarial Attacks? 1840813
158 Timothy Wood Fine Grained Protection for Scalable Single-Use Services 1814234, 1814402
159 Matthew Wright Adversarial ML in Traffic Analysis 1816851
160 Dinghao Wu Advanced Trace-oriented Binary Code Analysis 1652790
161 Xusheng Xiao Automatic Identification of Sensitive UI Widgets based on Icon Classification for Android Apps 1755772
162 Aiping Xiong Modeling Memory Illusion for Predicting Trust in Online Information 1915801
163 Dianxiang Xu Benchmarking Testing Methods for Access Control Policies 1618229
164 Shouhuai Xu A Framework for Enhancing the Resilience of Cyber Attack Classification and Clustering Mechanisms 1814825
165 Qiben Yan Toward Non-intrusive Detection of Resilient Mobile Malware and Botnet using Application Traffic Measurement 1566388
166 Qiben Yan URadio: Towards Secure Smart Home IoT Communication Using Hybrid Ultrasonic-RF Radio 1950171
167 Danfeng Yao Deployment-quality and Accessible Solutions for Cryptography Code Development 1929701
168 Attila A Yavuz Lightweight and Fast Authentication for Internet of Things 1652389
169 Yanfang (Fanny) Ye Intelligent Malware Detection Utilizing Novel File Relation-Based Features and Resilient Techniques for Adversarial Attacks 1946327
170 Yanfang (Fanny) Ye Securing Cyberspace: Gaining Deep Insights into the Online Underground Ecosystem 1940859
171 Vinod Yegneswaran MALDIVES: Developing a Comprehensive Understanding of Malware Delivery Mechanisms 1514503
172 Qiaoyan Yu Managing Hardware Security in Three Dimensional Integrated Circuits 1717130
173 Qiaoyan Yu Proactive Defense Methods for Chip Integrity and Security 1652474
174 Shimeng Yu Design of Light-weight RRAM based Hardware Security Primitives for IoT Devices 1903631
175 Qiang Zeng Enabling Precise and Automated Insecurity Analysis of Middleware on Mobile Platforms 1856380
176 Fengwei Zhang Hardware-assisted Plausibly Deniable System for Mobile Devices 1928331
177 Zhiru Zhang Automatic Synthesis of Verifiably Secure Hardware Accelerators 1618275
178 Zizhan Zheng Towards Robust Moving Target Defense: A Game Theoretic and Learning Approach 1816495
179 Huiyang Zhou Towards Smart and Secure Non Volatile Memory 1717550
180 Sencun Zhu Reputation-Escalation-as-a-Service: Analyses and Defenses 1618684