Visible to the public Integrated Emergency Cyber Physical Human Systems


Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in collaboration with physicians and nurses from Intensive Care Unit, Carle Foundation Hospital are developing a new initiative on engineering next generation of medical systems. This project is part of the initiative and focuses on exploring the efficient and safe operation of integrated Emergency Cyber Physical Human (ECPH) systems in emergency scenarios from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) environment. The key requirements are:

Requirement 1: Integrity under fast-changing conditions.
* ICU patents' condition deteriorate
* New initially-overlooked internal injuries uncovered

Requirement 2: Integrity in the face of errors, uncertainty and failures.
* Errors and uncertainty will arise in data measurements
* Failures will arise in tools to complete mission.

This project advances the science, technology, and engineering for a class of cyber-physical systems; namely, team emergency response systems, defined as those involving a small team of humans, who collaborate with engineered artifacts (e.g., sensors) and computing devices in life-critical, fast-changing environments, to avert imminent loss of life or property. The video recorded a demonstration led by Dr. Karen White and her staff for simulated cardiac arrest resuscitation in May 2014. Dr. White is the Director of ICU. Currently our system is being upgraded to support clinical evaluation in the near future.

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Integrated Emergency Cyber Physical Human Systems