Visible to the public Scalable and Energy-Efficient Cloud-Sensor Architecture for CPS

Sumi Helal is a Professor at the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department (CISE) at the University of Florida (UF), USA, and a Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) at Aalto University and the EIT ICT Labs, Finland. He is a pioneer and a recognized leader in the fields of Mobile, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. He is well known for his interdisciplinary research on smart spaces and Health Telematics in support of Health Care and Aging, Disabilities and Independence (ADI). He directs the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Laboratory in the CISE department at UF. He is co-founder and director of the Gator Tech Smart House, an experimental facility for applied research development and validation in the domains of elder care and health telematics. He led and directed technology development of the NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Successful Aging (2001-2007). Recently, he led a continuation project on smart home based personal health and independence, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). His current research focuses on Smart Spaces (new technological enablers, architectures, ecosystem, intelligent interactions, and real world deployments), Internet of Things (scalable cloud-sensor architectures, programmability and city-scale optimizations), and Assistive Technology (aging, affective and persuasive interactions, context-driven simulation, and assistive technology for the blind and hearing impaired). Dr. Helal is well published with over 260 books, book chapters, Journals/transactions, and conference and workshop articles. Among his recent books are: "The Engineering Handbook of Smart Technology for Aging, Disability and Independence," (2009), "The Landscape of Pervasive Computing Standards," (2010), and the "Mobile Platforms and Development Environments," (2012).. He organized 26 conferences or workshops, mostly IEEE and ACM, in the capacity of Program/General Chair/Co-Chair. He is one of the very few volunteers who organized and chaired both ACM Ubicomp (in 2009) and ACM MobiCom (in 2013). Dr. Helal is the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Computer, the premier and flagship magazine of the IEEE Computer Society. He has been Associate Editor-in-Chief for Computer since 2009. Dr. Helal is also one of the 25 initial co-founders and an editorial board member of the IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine. He has been the Editor of the magazine's column on Standards, Tools and Emerging Technologies since the magazine's inception in 2002 until 2011. He currently serves as Associate Editor-in-Chief of Pervasive Computing.

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Scalable and Energy-Efficient Cloud-Sensor Architecture for CPS
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