Visible to the public Software Systems for Smart Worlds- An Evolution for IoT to CPS

Kaliappa ("Ravi") Ravindran is a Professor of Computer Science in the Grove School of Engineering at the City University of New York, USA. Earlier, he had held faculty positions at the Kansas State University and at the Indian Institute of Science. He had also worked as a Control Systems engineer at the Indian Space Research Organization working on Satellite Attitude & Orbit Control Systems. He received Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada. His research interests are in the areas of service-level management of distributed networks and cloud systems, system-level support for information assurance, model-based software integration for embedded systems, distributed agent-based collaborative systems, and autonomous network software verification. His recent project relationships with industries include AT&T, Philips, CISCO, Siemens, and General Motors. Besides industries, some of his research has been supported by grants and contracts from US federal government agencies such as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory, and Space Missile & Defense Command.

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Software Systems for Smart Worlds- An Evolution for IoT to CPS
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