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Software tools for designing electronic systems.

Visible to the public Assistant Professor position on Intelligent Robotics

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz invites applications for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Intelligent Robotics.


Visible to the public 2020 Swedish Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems

Dear friends,

It is my pleasure to announce to you the speakers for the next edition of the Swedish Summer School:


Visible to the public CfP: Workshop on Autonomy in CPS 2020 (AutoCPS 2020)


Workshop on Autonomy in Cyber-Physical Systems at CPS-IoT Week (AutoCPS 2020)

21 April 2020 | Sydney, Australia |


Visible to the public CfP: ACM/IEEE DESTION 2020


Given the situation, The workshop is moving to digital format due to COVID-19. Please check the CPS-IoT Week website for more information.


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Short Description

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are commonly used in mission-critical or safety-critical applications which demand high reliability and strong assurance for safety. These systems frequently operate in highly uncertain environments where it is infeasible to explicitly design for all possible situations within the environment. Assuring safety in these systems requires supporting evidence from testing data, formal verification, expert analysis, etc. Data-driven methods, such as machine learning, are being applied in CPS development to address these challenges.