Applications of CPS technologies involving the power generation and/or energy conservation.

Visible to the public CFP: A Visioning Workshop for International Networks to Advance CPS Research, Development, and Education Worldwide [CPSWeek 2018

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have great potential to increase performance and efficiency of applications in almost all societal and industrial domains.They are expected to expand globally, and thus, will increasingly impact citizens of all nations whether as consumers or innovators. We believe this global nature of CPS should be explored for its potential to address current limitations, overcome challenges, and facilitate the more ubiquitous use of the technologies worldwide.


Visible to the public Adaptive Management of Large Energy Storage Systems for Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle systems, being either ground/air/water vehicles, require hundreds/thousands of battery cells to meet their power and energy needs. In this project, we aim to develop comprehensive management solutions of such large-scale batteries with the joint consideration of peak power, operation time, and battery life for vehicle electrification.


Visible to the public CPS: Breakthrough: Low-cost Continuous Virtual Energy Audits in Cyber-Physical Building Envelope

Electricity usage of buildings (including offices, malls and residential apartments) represents a significant portion of a nation's energy expenditure and carbon footprint. Buildings are estimated to consume 72% of the total electricity production in the US. Unfortunately, however, 30% of this energy consumption is wasted. Virtual energy assessment is an approach that can optimize building energy efficiency and minimize waste at a low cost with minimal expert intervention.


Visible to the public CRII: CPS: Architecture and Distributed Computation in the Networked Control Paradigm: An Autonomous Grid Example

This project is focused on the fundamental research in establishing a foundational framework towards the development of an autonomous Cyber-Physical System (CPS) through distributed computation in a Networked Control Systems (NCS) paradigm. Specific attention is focused on an application where the computational, and communication challenges are unique due to the sheer dimensionality of the physical system. An example of such CPS is the smart power grid, which includes large-scale deployment of distributed and networked Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and wind energy resources.


Visible to the public CPS: Small: Integrated Reconfigurable Control and Moving Target Defense for Secure Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract: Cyber-physical systems have been increasingly subject to cyber-attacks including code injection and code reuse attacks. With the tightly coupled nature of cyber components with the physical domain, these attacks have the potential to cause significant damage if critical applications such as automobiles are compromised. Instruction Set Randomization and Address Space Randomization have been commonly proposed to address these types of attacks.


Visible to the public CPS: Breakthrough: Securing Smart Grid by Understanding Communications Infrastructure Dependencies

Smart grid includes two interdependent infrastructures: power transmission and distribution network, and the supporting telecommunications network. Complex interactions among these infrastructures lead to new pathways for attack and failure propagation that are currently not well understood. This innovative project takes a holistic multilevel approach to understand and characterize the interdependencies between these two infrastructures, and devise mechanisms to enhance their robustness.