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2019 SaTC PI Meeting Poster Session


Undergraduate Research Posters
# Presenters Title Award #
1 Ranuli Abeysinghe Hash functions: Properties, an Attack, and an Application 1652474
2 Dennis Afanasev Secure and Scalable Network Packet Processing Using OpenNetVM and mTCP 1814234
3 Zaina Aljallad Co-Designing for Community Oversight: Helping People Make Privacy and Security Decisions Together  
4 Trevor Ammons & Trent Callahan Side-Channel Attack Evaluation of Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms and Architectures 1801488
5 Samantha Aziz Eye Movement Driven Authentication in Virtual Reality 1250718
6 William Barnhart Capacity-achieving Schemes for Private Information Retrieval with Multi-user Collusion 1704274
7 Rachel Bleiman The Susceptibility of Disclosing Private Security Information in College Students 1453040
8 Elijah Bouma-Sims Who's Calling You? A Study of Robocalls in the Era of Modern Telephone Networks 1849994
9 Luciano Brignone Hiding Instructions in a Processor  
10 Morgan Brockman Promoting Privacy by Design for Software Capstone Courses 1727574, 1821782
11 Javier Campos Interactive Visualization based Mobiled Security Education for Next-gen Cyber Aware Workforce 1903423
12 Baicheng Chen Cardiac Biometrics for Continuous and Non-contact Mobile Authentication 1718375
13 Michael Cinkoske A New Connection Between Node and Edge Depth Robust Graphs  
14 Chris Crabtree Using Deep Learning to Bridge the Semantic Gap between Natural Language and Code: An Automated Approach to Improve Privacy Policy Misalignment Scalability  
15 Jacob Crain IoT Embedded System Implementation  
16 Noah Curran TrustZone as a Secure Tensor Processor 1718702
17 Oliver Curry & Zachary Peterson Fakesbook 1802701
18 Leander Davis Protecting Cyber Physical Systems Using A Game-Theoretic Approach 1814064
19 Julie Dixon Blockchain-Based Framework for Securing Integrated Circuits in the Supply Chain  
20 Peter Fenteany Non-malleable Digital Lockers for Efficiently Sampleable Distributions 1849904
21 Catherine Han The Price is (not) Right: Comparing The Privacy Behaviors of Free vs. Paid Apps 1817248, 1564329
22 Brandon Kujawa Replay Attack Detection in Multimedia of Things (MoT) 1815724
23 Christy LaPerriere A Participatory Design Study to Test Community Oversight for Privacy and Security 1814068
24 Jamie Lee Oblivious K-Nearest Neighbors for Secure Map Applications  
25 Jun Lin Examination and Detection of Falsified News 1755536
26 Christie Lincoln & Alvin Zhang Static Information Flow Tracking (SIFT) Analysis for Hardware Design Verification 1718586
27 Bryan Manzi Physical (PHY) Layer Features for Device Authentication 1329686
28 Grant McClearn & Sarah Morin A New Statistical Audit for Real Elections 1421373
29 Jonathan Miao More Complete DOM XSS Detection Through Dynamic Event Generation 1704542
30 John Mikulskis Snout - An Extensible IoT Pen-Testing Tool 1409053
31 Monica Moniot Differentially Private Confidence Intervals  
32 Jeongbin Oh Understanding the performance of SGX-based computations 1815814
33 Adam Piekarski T-SGX  
34 Justin Robbins QuaSim: An Interactive Quantum Cryptography Learning Tool 1623380
35 EJ Seong Boxing Attackers In: Towards Tangible Defenses against Eavesdropping Attacks  
36 Sixiong "Shawn" Shan Gotta Catch 'Em All: Using Honeypots to Catch Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks 1834523
37 Kaiyan Shi Differentially Private Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing 1817245
38 John Spokes ActionPoint: Action-Driven App to Strengthen Parent-Teen Relationships to Understand and Identify Cyberbullying 1719722
39 Trinity Stroud Developing a Deterministic Polymorphic Circuit Generator Using Boolean Logic Representation 1811578
40 Jonathan Villanueva Physical Inspection for PCB Assurance  
41 Abigail Vincent False Data Injection Attack Model on AC based Hybrid System 1600058
42 Haoda Wang LEADER (Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attacks Defense) 1815495
43 Xingchen Wang BASCPS: Behavioral Decision Making in Security Games for Protecting Multi-Defender Cyber Physical Systems 1718637
44 Ashton Woiwood Characterizing and Modeling Threat Feeds for Patch Management 1715152
45 Charlie Wolfe Khaleesi: Breaking The Advertising & Tracking Redirect Chains 1715152
46 Laura Zharmukhametova Symbolic Execution for Simple R  
SaTC Principal Investigator Posters
# Principal Investigator Title Award #
1 Nael Abu-Ghazaleh Practical Hardware-assisted Always-on Malware Detection 1619322, 1617915
2 Theodore Allen A Framework For Economical Cyber Security Inspection and Assurance 1912166
3 Nabil Alshurafa Privacy Enhancing Framework to Advance Models of Behavior 1915847
4 Ardalan Amiri Sani Securing Mobile Devices by Hardening their System Software 1846230
5 Aydin Aysu Secure Instruction Set Extensions for Lattice-Based Post-Quantum Cryptosystems 1850373
6 Kiran Balagani Leveraging Movement, Posture, and Anthropometric Contexts to Strengthen the Security of Mobile Biometrics 1814846
7 Ritwik Banerjee Tracking Semantic Changes in Medical Information 1834597
8 Alexandru Bardas Creating and Managing Structurally-Morphing IT Systems - Moving Targets 1850406
9 Alexandru Bardas Early-Stage Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Sociotechnical Metrics Framework for Network and Security Operation Centers 1915824
10 Terry Benzel Sharing Expertise and Artifacts for Reuse through Cybersecurity Community Hub (SEARCCH) 1925773
11 Jeremiah Blocki Data-Independent Memory Hard Functions: New Attacks and Stronger Constructions 1755708
12 John Board STINGAR - Deployment of Highly Automated, Reliable, and Fast Cybersecurity Threat Response Systems 1815691
13 Borzoo Bonakdarpour Formal Specification and Verification of Probabilistic Information-flow Security Policies 1813388
14 Patrick Brandt Data to Knowledge: Modernizing Political Event Data for Big Data Social Science Research 1539302
15 Laurin Buchanan CyberMiSTS: Curriculum to Broaden Participation in Cybersecurity for Middle School Teachers and Students 1821757, 1821753
16 Kevin Butler ProXray: Protocol Model Learning and Guided Firmware Analysis 1815883
17 L. Jean Camp Living in the Internet of Things 1565375
18 Bogdan Carbunar An Open Mobile App Platform to Support Research on Fraudulent Reviews 1840714
19 Steven Carr Visualization for Secure Coding in C  1523017, 1522883
20 Shantanu Chakrabartty Dynamic Authentication based on Zero-power Quantum-Tunneling Timers 1525476
21 Bo Chen Enabling Secure Data Recovery for Mobile Devices against Malicious Attacks 1938130
22 Hao Chen Irregular Traffic Detection for Containerized Microservices RPC in the Real World 1801751
23 Hsinchun Chen Cybersecurity Big Data Research for Hacker Community: A Topic and Language Modeling Approach 1936370
24 Qi Alfred Chen Exposing and Mitigating Security/Safety Concerns of CAVs: A Holistic and Realistic Security Testing Platform for Emerging CAVs 1929771
25 Yingying Chen Exploiting Physical Properties in Wireless Networks for Implicit Authenticatio 1820624
26 Steven Chong psilence: An R Library for Differential Privacy 1565387
27 Mo-Yuen Chow Secure Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems: Resilient Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System 1505633
28 Nicolas Christin ICLab: A Global, Longitudinal Internet Censorship Measurement Platform 1814817
29 John Criswell Shielding Software From Privileged Side-Channel Attacks 1652280
30 Reza Curtmola in-toto: Securing the Software Supply Chain 1801430
31 Alberto Dainotti MapKIT: Mapping Key Internet Terrain 1705024
32 Kapil Dandekar Software Defined Radio Framework for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Education 1723606
33 Anupam Datta Accountable Information Use: Privacy and Fairness in Decision-Making Systems: SoK: Differential Privacy as a Causal Property 1704985, 1704845
34 Edmundo de Souza e Silva INSaNE: Improving Network Security at the Network Edge 1740895
35 Jintai Ding A Cryptanalysis of LUOV using the Subfield Differential Attack (SDA) 1814221
36 Wenliang Du Expanding TrustZone in Android OS & Developing SEED Labs 1718086
37 Sara Eftekharnejad Anomaly detection and risk assessment in power grids under data measurement threats 1600058
38 Salim El Rouayheb Secure Distributed Coded Computations for IoT: An Information Theoretic and Network Approach 1801630
39 Dmitry Evtyushkin Secure Branch Predictors for High Performance 1850365
40 Liyue Fan Image Obfuscation with Quantifiable Privacy 1755884
41 Fariborz Farahmand Neurobiological Basis of Decision Making in Online Environments 1358651
42 Nick Feamster Practical Privacy for DNS, From ODNS to DoH 1602399
43 Yunsi Fei Protecting Confidentiality and Integrity of Deep Neural Networks against Side-channel and Fault Attacks 1929300
44 Christopher Fletcher Data Oblivious ISA Extensions for Side Channel-Resistant and High-Performance Computing 1816226
45 Domenic Forte iPROBE - An Internal Shielding Approach for Protecting against Frontside and Backside Probing Attacks 1717392
46 Ryan Gerdes Secure and Resilient Vehicular Platooning 1410000
47 Ryan Gerdes Enforcement of Geofencing Policies for Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems 1801611
48 Jessica Fridrich Steganography with Two JPEGS of the Same Scene 1561446
49 Ujjwal Guin Robust Design-for-Security (DFS) Architecture for Enabling Trust in Integrated Circuits (IC) Manufacturing and Test 1755733
50 Sanjay Goel THE NEW SECURITY CALCULUS: Incentivizing Good User Security Behavior 1618212
51 Sanjay Goel Thwarting the Malicious Insider Evolution Process: The Theory of Strained Betrayal 1912874
52 Nikhil Gupta Secure and Trustworthy Computer Aided Designs for Additive Manufacturing 1931724
53 Deniz Gurkan Network Design for Security using Protocol Trust Boundary Observations 1907537
54 Yuan Hong Privacy Preserving Cooperation among Microgrids for Efficient Load Management on the Grid 1745894
55 Amir Houmansadr MassBrowser: Fighting Internet Censorship in a Mass 1553301
56 Stratis Ioannidis, Miriam Leeser MaSSIF: Massively Scalable Secure Computation Infrastructure Using FPGAs 1717213
57 Cynthia Irvine Labtainers - Create a Cyber Range on a Laptop 1438893, 1932950
58 Rashmi Jha Opportunities and Challenges for Resistive Random Access Memory Devices in Hardware Security and Trust 1556301
59 Ranjit Jhala Data-Dependent Instruction Timing Channels 1514435
60 Limin Jia Practical and Trustworthy Dependency Management 1717022
61 Zhanpeng Jin Brain Hacking: Assessing Psychological and Computational Vulnerabilities in Brain-Based Biometrics 1840790
62 Criswell John IskiOS: Lightweight Defense Against Kernel-Level Code-Reuse Attacks 1618213
63 Patrick Juola Is "Fake" a Writing Style?  Detecting Stylistic Alteration 1814602
64 David Kaeli Side-Channel Analysis and Resiliency Targeting Accelerators 1618379
65 Zbigniew Kalbarczyk Data-Driven Study of Attacks on Cyber-Physical Infrastructure Supporting Large Computing Systems 1816673
66 Chris Kanich Enabling Long-Term Security and Privacy through Retrospective Data Management 1801644, 1801663
67 Karen Karavanic System Infrastructure for SMM-based Runtime Integrity Measurement 1528185
68 Murat Kantarcioglu A Data Firewall based Approach for Securing Big Data 1111529, 1758628
69 Mahmut Karakaya Improving Performance of Standoff Iris Recognition Systems Using Deep Learning Frameworks 1909276
70 Latifur Khan Mitigating Cyber Attacks Using Domain Adaptation 1516425
71 Joerg Kliewer Secure and Private Distributed Coded Computation for Learning and Storage Applications 1526547
72 Selcuk Kose The Strength of Combined Distinguishers and Combined Side-channel Attacks 1929774
73 Yonghwi Kwon Secure and Comprehensive Forensic Audit Infrastructure for Transparent Heterogeneous Computing 1850392
74 Aron Laszka Towards Efficient and Scalable Crowdsourced Vulnerability-Discovery using Bug-Bounty Programs 1850510
75 Loukas Lazos Secure Cloud Storage Verification Methods 1813401
76 Jun Li Online Social Network Fraud and Attack Research and Identification 1564348, 1564250, 1564039
77 Qinghua Li Towards Automated Security Vulnerability and Patch Management for Power Grid Operations 1751255
78 Heather Lipford Leveraging community oversight to enhance collective efficacy for privacy and security 1814110, 1814068, 1814439
79 Hongbo Liu Security Assurance in Short Range Communication with Wireless Channel Obfuscation 1815908
80 Vinod Lohani Development and Analysis of a Spiral Theory-based Cybersecurity Curriculum 1623047
81 Wenjing Lou Toward Enforceable Data Usage Control in Cloud-based IoT Systems 1916902, 1916926
82 Long Lu OAT: Attesting Operation Integrity of Embedded Devices 1748334
83 Bo Luo Privacy Protection in Social Networks: Bridging the Gap Between User Perception and Privacy Enforcement 1422206
84 William Mahoney Evaluating Performance and Security of Executable  Steganography for Surreptitious Programs 1811560, 1811578
85 Khalid Malik ForensicExaminer: Testbed for Benchmarking Digital Audio Forensic Algorithms 1815724, 1816019
86 Florence Martin Establishing Digital Citizenship by Implementing Cyber Safety Curriculum with Middle School Students 1723746
87 Donatello Materassi Wireless Hardware Analog Encryption for Secure, Ultra-Low Power Transmission of Data 1816703
88 Nasir Memon DeepMasterPrints: Generating MasterPrints For Dictionary Attacks via Latent Variable Evolution 1618750
89 Hoda Mehrpouyan Formal Specification and Verification of User-centric Privacy Policies for Ubiquitous Systems 1657774
90 Hoda Mehrpouyan FALCON: Framework for Anomaly Detection in IndustrialControl Systems 1846493
91 Ana Milanova SecureMCMR: Privacy-Preserving Computation Outsourcing for MapReduce Applications 1814898
92 Stephen Miller Number theory and side-channel attacks from normalized running time distributions 1815562
93 Tanushree Mitra Designing Trustworthy and Transparent Information Platforms (News Platforms) 1915755
94 Ida Ngambeki An Assessment Driven Approach to Self-Directed Learning in Secure Programming (SecTutor) 1934279, 1934269, 1934285
95 Daniela Oliveira API Blindspots: Why Experienced Developers Write Vulnerable Code 1513572
96 Alina Oprea Intrusion Resilience in Game Theoretical APT Models 1717634
97 Xinming Ou Ethnographic Study of Secure Software Development Processes in a Real Company​ 1801633
98 Xinming Ou A Systematic Study of Comparing Traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Security Vetting of Android Apps 1717862, 1717871, 1718214
99 Laura Osburn Improving O&M and IT Collaboration to Keep our Buildings Smart and Secure 1932769
100 Charalampos Papanmanthou Edrax: A Cryptocurrency with Stateless Transaction Validation  
101 Charalampos Papanmanthou Zero-Knowledge Proofs Through Composition  
102 Charalampos Papanmanthou SEAL: Attack Mitigation for Encrypted Databases via Adjustable Leakage  
103 Abhishek Parakh QuaSim: An Interactive Quantum Cryptography Learning Tool 1623380
104 Sameer Patil Incorporating Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Learning Within Undergraduate Capstone Courses 1821782
105 Peter Peterson Enabling a New Generation of Experts by Finding and Fixing Students' Persistent Misconceptions 1821788
106 Jim Plusquellic Side-channel Power Resistance for Encryption Algorithms using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration 1813945
107 Jules Polonetsky RCN: Applied Privacy Research Coordination Network: An Industry-Academic Network to Transition Promising Privacy Research to Practice 1837413
108 Dmitry Ponomarev Side-Channels through Lower-Level Caches: Attacks, Defenses and Security Metrics 1422401
109 Aravind Prakash Recovering High Level Constructs from C++ Binaries 1566532
110 Yanjun Qi Black-box Generation of Adversarial Text Sequences to Evade Deep Learning Classifiers 1619098
111 Yanjun Qi Feature Squeezing- Detecting Adversarial Examples in Deep Neural Networks 1619098
112 Raghav Rao Unauthorized Access Attempts on Information Systems: The Role of Opportunity Contexts 1724725
113 Alexander Rasin End-to-End Database Storage Analysis 1656268
114 Indrakshi Ray Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Heavy Vehicles 1715458
115 Aunshul Rege Understanding Adaptive Adversarial Behavior and Decision-Making Processes in Cyberattacks 1453040
116 Daniel Roche Oblivious k-Nearest Neighbors for Secure Map Applications 1618269
117 Jennie Rogers VaultDB: Efficient Query Processing for Private Data Federations 1846447
118 Norman Sadeh Personalized Privacy Assistants 1513957
119 Norman Sadeh The Usable Privacy Policy Project 1330596
120 Norman Sadeh Answering People's Privacy Questions: Weaving Together User-Centered Design, Natural Language Processing and Legal Considerations 1914486
121 Sagar Samtani Identifying Emerging Threats in the Online Hacker Community for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence: A Diachronic Graph Convolutional Autoencoder Framework 1850362
122 Fareena Saqib A Key Update Scheme for Side-Channel Attack Mitigation 1814420
123 Anand Sarwate PERMIT: Privacy-Enabled Resource Management for IoT Networks 1617849
124 Visvesh Sathe Computationally Enabled Robust, Low-Power True Random Number Generation 1714496
125 Ioannis Savidis Parameter Obfuscation: A Novel Methodology for the Protection of Analog Intellectual Property 1751032
126 Lori Scarlatos CyberMiSTS: Curriculum to Broaden Participation in Cybersecurity for Middle School Teachers and Students 1821753
127 Patrick Schaumont Energy-harvested Security for the Internet of Things 1704176
128 Patrick Schaumont Finding and Mitigating Side-channel Leakage in Embedded Architectures 1931639
129 Kent Seamons Usable Key Management and Forward Secrecy for Secure Email 1816929
130 Vyas Sekar Handling a Trillion Unfixable Flaws on Billions of Internet-of-Things 1564009
131 Edoardo Serra Capacity Building: Integrating Data Science into Cybersecurity Curriculum 1820685
132 Akbar Siami Namin User-Centric Design of a Sonification System for  Automatically Alarming Security Threats and Impact 1564293
133 Akbar Siami Namin Improving Student Learning and Engagement in Digital Forensics through Collaborative Investigation of Cyber Security Incidents and Simulated Capture-the-Flaag Exercises 1821560
134 Yasin Silva BullyBlocker - Identifying Cyberbullying in Social Networking Sites 1719722
135 Stephanie Singer Data Science for Election Verification 1936809
136 Christian Skalka PCNC: Proof-Carrying Network Code 1718036
137 Geoffrey Smith Quantifying Information Leakage in Searchable Encryption 1749014
138 Scott Stoller Access Control Policy Mining and Management 1421893
139 Cynthia Sturton Transys: Leveraging Common Security Properties Across Hardware Designs 1816637
140 Berk Sunar Super-Human Cryptanalysis for Scalable Side-Channel Analysis 1814406
141 Ravi Tandon Robust Physical Layer Security with Limited Channel Knowledge 1715947
142 Yuzhe Tang Scalable Secure Computations on Intel SGX via Lazy Program Partitioning 1815814
143 Yuzhe Tang Blockchain-based Fork Prevention in Securing Cloud Storage Services  
144 Himanshu Thapliyal Utilizing Principles of Energy Recovery Computing for Low-Energy and DPA-Resistant IoT Devices 1845448
145 Michael Thomas A Cybersecurity Collectable Card Game for Children 1623267
146 Nikos Triandopoulos Towards Scalable Private Collaborative Learning  
147 A. Selcuk Uluagac Securing Sensory Side-Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems 1453647
148 A. Selcuk Uluagac Privacy-Aware Wearable-Assisted Continuous Authentication Framework 1718116
149 Ashish Venkat Context-Sensitive Fencing: Securing Speculative Execution via Microcode Customization 1850436
150 Jessica Vitak Mapping Privacy and Surveillance Dynamics in Emerging Mobile Ecosystems: Practices and Contexts in the Netherlands and US 1640640
151 Roopa Vishwanathan Automated Proof Construction and Verification for Attribute-based Cryptography 1800088
152 Roopa Vishwanathan Blockchain-enabled Payment Networks 1800088
153 Gang Wang Re-examining Email Spoofing in the Context of Spear Phishing 1750101, 1717028
154 Kuang-Ching Wang Towards a Traffic Analysis Resistant Internet Architecture 1643020
155 Weichao Wang Developing Security Education Materials for Future Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Workforce 1523096
156 XiaoFeng Wang Understanding and Discovering Emerging Cybercrimes through Automatic Analysis of Online Text Traces 1801432
157 Xiaoyin Wang GUILeak: Tracing Privacy Policy Claims on User Input Data for Android Applications 1748109
158 Nicholas Weaver Understanding and Illuminating Non-Public Data Flows: Evaluating Anti-Fingerprinting Privacy Enhancing Technologies 1514509
159 Sheng Wei HISA: Hardware Isolation-based Secure Architecturefor CPU-FPGA Heterogenous Systems 1912593
160 Wujie Wen Invisible Shield: Can Compression Harden Deep Neural Networks Universally Against Adversarial Attacks? 1840813
161 Andrew Whinston Information Disclosure and Security Policy Design: A Large-Scale Randomization Experiment in Pan-Asia 1718600
162 Pamela Wisniewski A Participatory Design Study to Test Community Oversight for Privacy and Security 1814068
163 Matthew Wright Website Fingerprinting in Tor: An Adversarial ML Approach 1816851, 1722743
164 Dinghao Wu Dynamic and Static Program Analysis for Side Channel Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation 1652790
165 Li Xiong PriSTE: Protecting Spatiotemporal Event Privacy in Continuous LBS 1618932
166 Qiben Yan URadio: Towards Secure Smart Home IoT Communication Using Hybrid Ultrasonic-RF Radio 1950171
167 Zheng Yan Where are the Weakest Links in Cybersecurity Judgment of Elementary School Students, Middle School Students, High School Students, and School Teachers 1649872
168 Danfeng Yao Deployment-quality and Accessible Solutions  for Cryptography Code Development 1929701
169 Attila A Yavuz CAREER: Lightweight and Fast Authentication for Internet of Things 1652389
170 Qiaoyan Yu Managing Hardware Security in Three Dimensional Integrated Circuits 1717130
171 Yanfang (Fanny) Ye Intelligent Malware Detection Utilizing Novel File Relation-Based Features and Resilient Techniques for Adversarial Attacks 1946327
172 Yanfang (Fanny) Ye Securing Cyberspace: Gaining Deep Insights into the Online Underground Ecosystem 1940859
173 Philip S. Yu Learning Dynamic and Robust Defenses Against Co-Adaptive Spammers 1931042
174 Zizhan Zheng Towards Robust Moving Target Defense: A Game Theoretic and Learning Approach 1816495
175 Huiyang Zhou Towards Smart and Secure Non Volatile Memory 1717550
176 Lina Zhou Implicit One-handed Mobile User Authentication by Induced Thumb Biometrics on Touch-screen Handheld Devices 1704800, 1917537