Visible to the public CPS: Synergy: High-Fidelity, Scalable, Open-Access Cyber Security Testbed for Accelerating Smart Grid Innovations & Deployments

Cybersecurity and resiliency of the power grid is of paramount importance to national security and economic well-being. CPS security testbeds are enabling technologies that provide realistic experimental platforms for the evaluation and validation of security technologies within controlled environments. In this regard, the following are the key objectives of the project:

  • Develop innovative architectures, models, and algorithms for large-scale CPS security testbeds.
  • Design and implement a high-fidelity, scalable, open-access CPS security testbed for the Smart Grid, and to conduct CPS security research experimentation.
  • Develop standardized datasets, models, libraries, and use cases, and make those available to a broader research community through an open, remoteaccess model by leveraging collaboration from academic and industry partners.
  • Develop and disseminate innovative curriculum modules including CPS Cyber Defense Competitions for imparting security knowledge to students via inquiry-based learning.

As part of the poster, we describe a generic testbed federation architecture by extending upon the layered testbed architecture for CPS Security Testbeds. Specifically, we also show how the proposed federation architecture was used to federate the ISU PowerCyber testbed, ISERINK testbed and USC/ISI DETER testbed as part of the NIST US Ignite Global City Teams Challenge. The poster contains a figure that illustrates the training exercise scenario that was demonstrated at the GCTC expo in Washington D.C. on June 1, 2015. We also describe the architecture of the remote access CPS security testbed currently implemented. Additionally, the poster also contains a detailed description of the overall design flow with respect to user interface and experiment automation. As part of outreach activities, the poster shows the implementation architecture of a virtualized training environment that was used as part of a training workshop at NERC GridSecCon 2015 conference in Philadelphia on October 13, 2015. The poster also lists the user engagement for the CPS security testbed with regards to three specific use-cases for the project, namely, CPS security research, ICS cyber security research and Education & Training. The poster concludes with a list of items for future work.

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