Visible to the public CAREER: Fundamental Limits and Practical Algorithms for Complex Cyber-Physical Systems


Designing software that can properly and safely interact with the physical world is an important cyber-physical systems design challenge. The proposed work includes the development of a novel approach to designing planning and control algorithms for high-performance cyber physical systems. The new approach was inspired by statistical mechanics and stochastic geometry. It will (i) identify behavior such as phase transitions in cyber-physical systems and (ii) capitalize this behavior in order to design practical algorithms with provable correctness and performance guarantees. The algorithms developed through this research effort hold the potential for immediate industrial impact, particularly in the development of real-time robotic systems. These algorithms may strengthen the rapidly developing U.S. robotics industry. The proposed research activity will also vitalize the PI's educational plans. Undergraduate and graduate courses that make substantial contributions to the embedded systems education at MIT will be developed. The classes will focus on provably-correct controller synthesis for cyber-physical systems, which is currently not thought at MIT. Undergraduate students will be involved in research activities.

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CAREER: Fundamental Limits and Practical Algorithms for Complex Cyber-Physical Systems