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Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs) integrate physical devices (e.g., sensors, cameras) with cyber components to form a situation-aware analytical system. The overall research objective of the project is to reveal cross-cutting fundamental scientific and engineering principles that underpin the integration of cyber and physical elements across all application sectors.

We have investigated the foundations, methodologies, algorithms and implementations of cyber-physical systems. In particular, we studied the critical issues in the following areas: (1) Rare event detection and analysis in cyber-physical data streams, including periodic event detection from incomplete and noisy data, atypical event detection, multidimensional analysis for cyber-physical streams and reliable and trusted data analysis, (2) home healthcare activity detection and patient movement tracing, and (3) spatiotemporal data analysis in CPS, including spatiotemporal cluster analysis, sequential pattern mining and evolution of cyber-physical networks. Applications include travel companion detection, intruder detection in battlefields sensor network, etc. Our Research has been published in major conferences in the field of data mining, database systems, intelligent systems, and other related conferences and journals.

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Foundations of Cyber-Physical Networks