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2021 NRI PI Meeting Short Talks

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Session 1: Wednesday, March 10, 11:45am - 12:30pm
# Lead PI Award Title Video Award #
1 Wenlong Zhang NRI: FND: Scalable and Customizable Intent Inference and Motion Planning for Socially-Adept Autonomous Vehicles 1925403
2 Nancey Green Leigh NRI: FND: Barriers and Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers' Collaborative Robot Adoption 2024706
3 Nitish Thakor NRI: FND: Scalable, Customizable Sensory Solutions for Dexterous Robotic Hands 1849417
4 Momotaz Begum NRI: FND: Robust Learning of Sequential Motion from Human Demonstrations to Enable Robot-guided Exercise Training 1830597
5 David Shepherd NRI: FND: End-User Robot Programming 2024561
6 Roberto Tron NRI: INT: COLLAB: Robust, scalable, distributed semantic mapping for search-and-rescue and manufacturing co-robots 1734454
7 Peter Whitney NRI: FND: Controllable Compliance: A New Robotic Arm for Contact-Rich Manipulation 1830425
8 Erin Walker NRI: INT: Designing Effective Dialogue, Gaze, and Gesture Behaviors in a Social Robot that Supports Collaborative Learning in Middle School Mathematics 2024645
9 Maja Mataric NRI: FND: Communicate, Share, Adapt: A Mixed Reality Framework for Facilitating Robot Integration and Customization 1925083
10 Ioannis Rekleitis Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Cooperative Underwater Structure Inspection and Mapping 2024741
11 Joseph Schimmels NRI: FND: Dexterous Manipulation Using Multi-Serial Manipulator Systems with Real-Time Compliance Modulation 2024554
12 Carrick Detweiler NRI: INT: COLLAB: Raining Drones: Mid-Air Release & Recovery of Atmospheric Sensing Systems 1925052
13 Vishesh Vikas NRI:FND:COLLAB: M3SoRo - Mobility and Morphing using Modular Soft Robots 1830432
14 Winslow Burleson EAGER: Cyberlearning with Co-Robotic Teachable Agents 1941053
15 Sebastian Scherer Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Dense 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Actors in Natural Environments using Multiple Flying Cameras 2024173
16 Kris Hauser NRI: INT: Customizing Semi-Autonomous Nursing Robots using Human Expertise 1830366
17 Cynthia Matuszek NRI: FND: Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Domain Adaptation in Robotic Language Acquisition 2024878
18 Katherine Driggs-Campbell NRI: INT: Increasing the Level of Autonomy for Agricultural Robots Through Effective Interaction and Programming Paradigms 2021-67021-33449
19 Frank Sup IV NRI: FND: Natural Power Transmission through Unconstrained Fluids for Robotic Manipulation 2024409
20 Stefanie Tellex EAGER: A Gateway Drone for High School Students 1940970
21 Jose Pons NRI: INT: Co-Robot Controllers for Human-Like Physical Interaction and Improved Motor Learning 2024488
Session 2: Wednesday, March 10, 4:00pm - 4:45pm
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 He Bai NRI: INT: Safe Wind-Aware Navigation for Collaborative Autonomous Aircraft in Low Altitude Airspace 1925147
2 Kaveh Akbari Hamed NRI: FND: COLLAB: Hierarchical Safe, and Distributed Feedback Control of Multiagent Legged Robots for Cooperative Locomotion and Manipulation 1924617
3 Xu Xu NRI: FND: A Novel Intervention Method to Promote Workers' Safety Awareness and Mental Health During Human-Robot Collaboration 2024688
4 Nuno Vasconcelos NRI: FND: Towards Scalable and Self-Aware Robotic Perception 1924937
5 Robert Shepherd NRI: INT: Ubiquitous Soil Sampling Robots for Confluent Soil Monitoring 2021-67021-33843
6 Michael Gleicher NRI:FND: Communicating Physical Interactions 1830242
7 Zhaozheng Yin NRI: INT: COLLAB: Manufacturing USA: Intelligent Human-Robot Collaboration for Smart Factory 1830479
8 Sarah Ostadabbas NRI: EAGER: Teaching Aerial Robots to Perch Like a Bat via AI-guided Design and Control 1944964
9 Aaron Johnson NRI: FND: COLLAB: Design of dynamic multibehavioral robots: new tools to consider design tradeoff and enable more capable robotic systems 1924723
10 Zhaojian Li NRI: INT: SMART: Soft Multi-Arm RoboT for Synergistic Collaboration with Humans 2024649
11 Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos NRI: INT: COLLAB: Cooperative Robotic Systems for Precision Agriculture and Plant Health Management 2020-67021-30755
12 Stavros Vougioukas NRI: INT: COLLAB: Tree Fruit Harvesting with Arrays of Vision-Guided Linear Robot Arms 2020-67021-30759
13 Corina Barbalata NRI: FND: Collaborative Mobile Manufacturing in Uncertain Scenarios 2024795
14 Jana Kosecka NRI: FND: Self-supervised Object Discovery, Detection and Visual Object Search 1925231
15 Michael Posa NRI: FND: Contact-aware Control of Dynamic Manipulation 1830218
16 Yogesh Girdhar NRI: INT: Co-Multi-Robotic Exploration of the Benthic Seafloor - New Methods for Distributed Scene Understanding and Exploration in the Presence of Communication Constraints 1734400
17 Philip Dames NRI: FND: COLLAB: Distributed, Semantically-Aware Tracking and Planning for Fleets of Robots 1830419
18 Dusan Stipanovic NRI: FND: COLLAB: Multi-Vehicle Systems for Collecting Shadow-Free Imagery in Precision Agriculture 2020-67021-30756
19 Myunghee Kim Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Customizable Lower-Limb Wearable Robot using Soft-Wearable Sensor to Assist Occupational Workers 2024863
20 Hao Su NRI: FND: Soft Wearable Robots for Injury Prevention and Performance Augmentation 1830613
21 Ann Majewicz Fey NRI: FND: Customizable Haptic Co-Robots For Training Emergency Surgical Procedures 2024839
Session 3: Thursday, March 11, 11:45am - 12:30pm
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Ye Zhao NRI: FND: Robust and Scalable Planning for Agile and Collaborative Robot Teammates in Complex Environments 1924978
2 Nikolay Atanasov NRI: FND: COLLAB: Distributed Bayesian Learning and Safe Control for Autonomous Wildfire Detection 1830399
3 Efstathios Bakolas NRI: FND: Efficient algorithms for safety guiding mobile robots through spaces populated by humans and mobile intelligent machines and robots 1924790
4 Kenneth Bogert NRI:FND:Robust Inverse Learning for Human-Robot Collaboration 1830421
5 Nadya Peek NRI: FND: Multi-Manipulator Extensible Robotic Platforms 2024435
6 Peter Adamczyk NRI: FND: Hybrid Active-Passive Actuation for Safety and Performance in Physical Human-Robot Collaboration and Rehabilitation 1830516
7 Yunjun Xu NRI: INT: COLLAB: Distributed co-Robots for Strawberry Harvesting 1924622
8 Nabil Simaan NRI: INT: MANUFACTURING USA: COLLAB: In-Situ Collaborative Robotics in Confined Spaces 1734461
9 Calin Belta NRI: FND: A Formal Methods Approach to Safe, Composable, and Distributed Reinforcement Learning for co-Robots 2024606
10 Naomi Fitter NRI: FND: Assistive Child-Robot Interventions for Infants with Motor Disabilities 2024950
11 Hyunglae Lee User-Adaptive and Safe Control of a Wearable Upper-Extremity Exoskeleton Robot 1925110
12 Zeynep Temel NRI: INT: Dexterous Compliant Manipulation Using Delta Robot Arrays 2024794
13 Michael Rubenstein Collaborative Research: NRI: FND: Flying Swarm for Safe Human Interaction in Unstructured Environments 2024615
14 Melanie Moses NRI: INT: Adaptive Bio-inspired Co-Robot algorithms for volcano monitoring 2024520
15 Juan Wachs NRI: INT: FIngers See Things Differently (FIST-D): A Robotic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) based on Augmented Tactile Imaging 1925194
16 Yiannis Ampatzidis NRI: INT: COLLAB: High Throughput Multi-Robot Weed Management for Specialty Crops 2020-67021-30761
17 Stefano Carpin Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Mobile Robotic Lab for In-Situ Sampling and Measurement 2021-67022-33452
18 Elliot Hawkes NRI: INT: COLLAB: Mesh Of Robots on a Pneumatic Highway (MORPH): An Untethered, Human-Safe, Shape-Morphing Robotic Platform 1925373
19 Bilge Mutlu NRI: INT: COLLAB: Program Verification and Synthesis for Collaborative Robots 1925043
20 Ludovic Righetti NRI: FND: Action-perception loops over 5G millimeter wave wireless for cooperative manipulation 1925079
Session 4: Thursday, March 11, 4:00pm - 4:45pm
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Karen Liu NRI: FND: Computational and Interactive Design of Soft Growing Robot Manipulators 2024247
2 Alexander Leonessa NRI: INT: Collaborative Research: A Robotic Platform for Body-Scale Human Physical Interaction in Embodied Virtual Reality 2024772
3 Tucker Hermans Collaborative Research: NRI: FND: Learning Graph Neural Networks for Multi-Object Manipulation 2024778
4 Masoud Gheisari NRI: FND: Investigating the Safety Challenges of Co-drones in Future Construction Workplaces 2024656
5 Dezhen Song NRI: FND: Optoacoustic Material and Structure Pretouch Sensing at Robot Fingertip 1925037
6 Anirban Mazumdar NRI: FND: Rapid Operator Awareness via Mobile Robotics (ROAMR), Customizable Human Safety using Mobile and Wearable Co-Robots 1830498
7 Zhi Li Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Transparent and Intuitive Teleoperation Interfaces for the Future Nursing Robots and Workers 2024802
8 Michael Yip NRI: FND: COLLAB: A Foundational Approach to Muscle Actuators that Lowers Barriers to Muscle-Powered Robotics Research 1830403
9 Carl Vondrick NRI: FND: Learning Visual Dynamics from Interaction 1925157
10 Raymond Mooney NRI: FND: Improving Robot Learning from Feedback and Demonstration using Natural Language 1925082
11 Francois Guimbretiere NRI:INT: Integrating Robotic and AI Technologies to Support Embodied Collaborative Design 1925100
12 Pieter Abbeel Collaborative Research: NRI: INT: Scalable, Customizable, Robot Learning with Humans 2024675
13 Florence Sullivan NRI:FND:COLLAB: Girls Immersed in Robotics Learning Simulations (GIRLS) 1830450
14 Shiqi Zhang NRI: FND: Knowledge-based Robot Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty 1925044
15 Guoquan Huang NRI: FND: Consistent distributed visual-inertial estimation and perception for cooperative unmanned aerial vehicles 1924897
16 Joao Ramos NRI: FND: Immersive whole-body teleoperation of wheeled humanoid robots for dynamic mobil manipulation 2024775
17 Ermin Wei NRI: INT: Robotic Shepherding for Flow Control in Uncertain Dynamic Environments 2024774
18 Mohammad Khalid Jawed NRI: FND: Physics-based training of robots for manipulation of ropes and clothes 1925360
19 Gil Weinberg NRI: FND: Creating Trust Between Groups of Humans and Robots Using a Novel Music Driven Robotic Emotion Generator 1925178
20 Kostas Bekris NRI: INT: COLLAB: Integrated Modeling and Learning for Robust Grasping and Dexterous Manipulation with Adaptive Hands 1734492
21 Natasha Banerjee NRI: FND: Using Multi-Modal Data to Make Robotic Grasp Algorithms Aware of Human Preferences for Safe Collaborative Robot-Human Handover Interactions with Novel Objects 2023998
22 Aaron Dollar NRI: Rethinking Multi-Legged Robots: Passive Terrain Adaptability through Underactuated Mechanisms and Exactly-Constrained Kinematics 1637647
Session 5: Friday, March 12, 11:00am - 11:45am
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Elin Bjorling NRI:INT: Design and Development of a Social Robot for Gathering Ecological Momentary Stress Data from Teens 1734100
2 Conor Walsh NRI: INT: Wearable Robots for the Community: Personalized Assistance using Human-in-the-loop Optimization 1925085
3 Carmel Majidi NRI: INT: COLLAB: Soft Active Contact Pads with Tunable Stiffness and Adhesion for Customizable Robotic Grasping 1830362
4 Marynel Vazquez NRI: FND: Spatial Patterns of Behavior in Human-Robot Interaction Under Environmental Spatial Constraints 1924802
5 Domen Novak NRI: FND: The Robotic Rehab Gym: Specialized co-robot trainers working with multiple human trainees for optimal learning outcomes 2024813
6 Robert Howe NRI: FND: Robust Grasping by Integrating Machine Learning with Physical Models 1924984
7 Steve Collins NRI: INT: Individualized Co-Robotics 1734449
8 Daniel Koditschek NRI: INT: COLLAB: Co-Robotic Systems for GeoSciences Field Research 1734355
9 Stefanos Nikolaidis NRI: FND: Improving Human-Robot Collaboration on Assembly Tasks by Anticipating Human Actions 2024936
10 Satyandra Gupta NRI: FND: Human-Guided Robot Teams for Manipulating Large Flexible Sheets in Manufacturing Applications 1925084
11 Alan Wagner NRI: INT: COLLAB: Interactive and collaborative robot-assisted emergency evacuations 1830390
12 Marc Killpack NRI: FND: Foundations for Physical Co-Manipulation with Mixed Teams of Humans and Soft Robots 2024792
13 Laszlo Jeni NRI: INT: A New Paradigm for Geometric Reasoning through Structure from Category 1925281
14 Cynthia Breazeal NRI: INT: Collaborative Development, Deployment and Evaluation of Personalized Learning Companion Robots for Early Literacy and Language Learning 1734443
15 Zhuoyuan Song NRI: FND: Collaborative Navigation, Learning, and Collaboration in Fluids with Application to Ubiquitous Marine Co-Robots 2024928
16 Hadas Kress Gazit NRI:INT: Ad-hoc collaborative human-robot swarms 1830471
17 Brittany Duncan NRI: INT: COLLAB: Leveraging Environmental Monitoring UAS in Rainforests 1925368
18 Oliver Kroemer NRI: INT: Agile and Dynamic Interactions for Mobile Manipulation 1925130
19 Matthew Spenko NRI: FND: The Urban Design and Policy Implications of Ubiquitous Robots and Navigation Safety 1830642
20 Ken Goldberg NRI: INT: SCHooL: Scalable Collaborative Human-Robot Learning 1734633
21 Laurel Riek SCH: INT: TAILORED: Training for Independent Living through Observant Robots and Design 1915734
Session 6: Friday, March 12, 2:15pm - 3:00pm
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 John Rieffel EAGER: Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics 1939930
2 Sehoon Ha NRI: INT: Collaborative Research: Buoyancy-assisted Collaborative Robots That are Cheap, Safe, and Never Fall Down. 2024949
3 Cindy Grimm Collaborative Research: NRI: FND: Grounded Reasoning about Robot Capabilities for Law and Policy 2024872
4 YuMing Zhang NRI: FND: Intelligent Co-robots for Complex Welding Manufacturing through Learning and Generalization of Welders Capabilities 2024614
5 Naira Hovakimyan NRI: INT: COLLAB: Synergetic Drone Delivery Network in Metropolis 1830639
6 Ryan Williams NRI: INT: Balancing Collaboration and Autonomy for Multi-Robot Multi-Human Search and Rescue 1830414
7 Lydia Kavraki NRI: FND: Robotic Collaboration through Scalable Reactive Synthesis 1830549
8 Ian Walker NRI: FND: 3D Concrete Printing with Macro-Micro Robots 1924721
9 Edwin Olson NRI: FND: Connected and Continuous Multi-Policy Decision Making 1830615
10 Eric Rombokas NRI: INT: Collaborative Research: An Open-Source Framework for Continuous Torque Control of Intuitive Robotic Prosthetic Legs 2024446
11 Christopher Amato NRI: FND: Coordinating and Incorporating Trust in Teams of Humans and Robots with Multi-Robot Reinforcement Learning 2024790
12 Bradley Hayes NRI: FND: Life-long Learning for Motion Planning by Robots in Human Populated Environments 1830686
13 Diane Cook NRI: INT: Learning-Enabled Robot Support of Daily Activities for Successful Activity Completion 1734558
14 Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler NRI: INT: MiaPURE (Modular, Interactive and Adaptive Personalized Unique Rolling Experience) 2024905
15 Sierra Young NRI: INT: Development of a Customizable Fleet of Autonomous Co-Robots for Advancing Aquaculture Production 2021-67021-33451
16 Tommaso Lenzi NRI: INT: COLLAB: Muscle Ultrasound Sensing for Intuitive Control of Robotic Leg Prostheses 1925371
17 Christoffer Heckman NRI: INT: Autonomous Restoration and Revegetation of Degraded Ecosystems 2021-67021-33450
18 Matthew Walter NRI: INT: COLLAB: Shared Autonomy for Unstructured Underwater Environments through Vision and Language 1830660
19 Marin Kobilarov NRI:FND: Unifying standard physics-based control with learning-based perception and action to enable safe and agile object manipulation using unmanned aerial vehicles 1925189
20 Leonardo Bobadilla NRI: FND: Extending Autonomy in Seemingly Sensory-Denied Environments Applied to Underwater Robots 2024733
21 Veronica Ahumada-Newhart NRI: INT: COLLAB: Robot-Mediated Learning: Exploring School-Deployed Collaborative Robots for Homebound Children 2024933